I feel so bad...ebay fakes sold

  1. I am so sad that someone got ripped off so badly and doesn't even realize it. This fake is so obvious and the buyer gave positive feedback too. This seller should be reported although it is too late to help this particular buyer. I was so tempted to email her and tell her that she her Coach is fake but I don't know if that is something I should do. What do you all think?

    eBay: NWT ~ Coach #10341 Legacy Signature Satchel (item 120089952032 end time Feb-22-07 04:19:33 PST)
  2. A little birdie told her to get it checked out
  3. Oh thank goodness...I feel a little better now.
  4. :sick: :sick: :throwup: That is one really ugly fake. I don't know what you can do though. You could post on eBay and see what they say on the boards. You don't want to get into trouble sending the buyer emails though. So sad.

    ETA: I reported the bag. Won't hurt if a few of us report it, maybe it'll get eBay's attention. I hope the buyer gets the bag checked out before it's too late.
  5. I'm just a newbie here so I'm curious....how do you know it's a fake? This is probably a dumb question, but I would love to know:smile:
  6. I also reported it as well

    plastic on the handles is a dead giveaway, that bag is made very sloppy also
  7. It's not a dumb question but this is probably a stupid answer... it just looks wrong. Does that make sense? The way it flops open, the lining is ugly, the handles look gross. The whole bag is just ugly and cheap looking. And the Cs are a mess. If you look at real Coach bags enough, you know that a bag that bad is a fake. Not that I couldn't be fooled by a really good one but that is NOT a really good one!

    ETA: if that thing turns out to be real, I am going to be very, very ill!
  8. Great advice, tlloveshim!

    It would be nice of we could get rid of all the fakes on eBay!

    I always report once I see one!
  9. OMG, I cannot believe the price she paid! It's too sickening. I've reported it as well and hope she listens to the little birdie.
  10. I always look for symmetry. When one half of the bag looks completely different from the other, that's a problem.

    I feel sorry for the person that bought that. It's awful!
  11. wow thanks, i need to start paying attention:smile:
  12. The listing has been removed, she emailed the birdie back also hope she hasn't paid yet!
  13. I'm glad it was removed! Hopefully everything will work out well for the buyer
  14. You have to be somewhat Coach savvy and know the product. Then you start spotting the fakes. There is an excellent sticky here on the pf on how to differentiate the real from the not. There are some reputable sellers of Coach so its great that you guys report the bad ones as you spot them.
  15. Those fake Chelsea Optic fakes fool a lot of people. The fabric looks identical but the leather, hardware and interior give them away. But yes, after a while you develop an eye!