I Feel Sick.. Could it be from the NYC 53rd and 6th Halal Cart?

  1. Last night I went to the City to eat at the famous "53rd and 6th Halal Cart"
    You can get more info at http://www.yelp.com/biz/53rd-and-6th-halal-cart-new-york

    The food was GREAT!! BUT.. Today I am feeling very ill, I had the urge to puke 3 times today, :sick:and my stomach feels horrible.. Could it be from the food I ate? I also ate taco bell today, but earlier in the day, before the stomach pains.... Could these carts be healthy.... I mean the meat looked very clean...... IDK:confused1:
  2. It could be either the cart food or Taco Bell. Or, it could be something else. If you continue to feel sick, see a doctor. Try to recall everything you ate. This will allow them to narrow down what might have gotten you sick. If there exists the possibility restaurant or cart food made you sick, others might have also gotten sick. It will need to be investigated to prevent anyone else from falling ill.
  3. Could be either, but chances are it's whatever you ate last. Food poisoning tends to hit quickly, within a few hours or so.
  4. stomach flu is going around here too.....
  5. I feel better now... But sadly I have a really bad cold...lol

    Almost everyone I know is sick.... maybe its the weather change..
  6. Total side note but~ I highly recommend ppl to stay away from those carts! My neighbor had extra parking spaces, and decided to rent them out. One of those food vendors decided to park their carts in the lot. Lemme tell you, in scorching summer heat, all his condiments and bread and stuff just stayed out there. Stray cats climbing onto the cooking area, etc. It's really not sanitary. PrinceAbdullah, sorry you got sick...
  7. This is generally not true. Depending on what the organism, it can be days later that you get symptoms. If it hits within a few hours, it's probably from a bacterial toxin (similar to what they actually use in botox - it's the toxin produced by botulism, rather than the bacteria itself.) For most bacterial infections, you won't get symptoms for 12-72 hours (but sometimes longer) because it takes time for them to multiply in your gut and make you sick. So, chances are that it's something from a day or two ago that's making you sick, not the halal cart.
  8. i was actually just going to say the same thing, say you eat bad seafood or meat it could take up to a couple days for it to actually make you sick.
  9. I looked at the pics & really I wouldn't eat from places like that sorry. I hope you are feeling better. Perhaps now that you have a cold it was related & not the food but those plates just looked disgusting to me, I wouldn't chance that sort of food.
    Is that mayonnaise all over that food (shudder)? If mayonnaise is not kept refrigerated it can cause serious food poisoning! It just looks like a heart attack on a plate LOL
  10. Wow.. I think we should flag this post our kill all to late night cravings! Just the thought of all that "brewing" (flu or food poisioning) is enough to make me loose the desire to munch. :sick: Hope you are feeling better now.
  11. Oh dear, it might be... Be really careful eating from food carts. We have food carts here in L.A. downtown, they can really be hit or miss in in terms of cleanliness.

    Hope you feel better soon dear, also make sure to drink water if you have to go to the bathroom a lot to make sure that you don't lose too much fluids (that can be dangerous).
  12. Stomach flu is going around all over the US. Feel better soon.

  13. Nope, it's not mayonnaise. That would be disgusting. PrinceAbdullah probably knows the true name but it's only referred to as "white sauce" and it's fantastic, it's what makes the plate yummy. The red sauce is just plain hot sauce. The plates are delicious, when vendors are ridiculously busy, as this one is at all times, then the food is going to be fresh. I wouldn't trust deserted street car vendors though, LOL.
  14. I eat there all the time and never gotten sick., Maybe u got a bad one? I don't know, They know better than to NOT keep it clean because that spot is popular.

    I hope u feel better!
  15. I know that cart! LOL Sorry you weren't feeling well, PrinceA.

    Lunchtime meals from midtown carts -- a NY institution! The food carts in NYC are friggin' great! I know it's so very strange to ppl from elsewhere, but those carts can put out some of the best meals in the city. There are even websites structured like Zagats to rate food carts, and annual awards for the best carts. They do have to follow health laws and regulations and could have their license suspended/revoked if a health-related case is made against them.

    That said, have you tried Miriam's falafels on 6th and 47th? DELICIOUS!