I Feel Sick About This!

  1. Yesterday I went to my favorite Coach boutique. I was returning something, exchanging something and ordering something. The girls there are the best-so much fun and so helpful. We were talking about all the new stuff and looking at the new shoes. It's like hanging with my girlfriends. Oh and BTW isn't that what it should be like-FUN!! Anyway-after everything was done I went out to my car and looked at my receipts. I realized there was a mistake and so I went back in to straighten it out. I was owned some money back because the SA forgot to give me the 25% discount. No big deal-we all make mistakes. When I got back to the store, the girl who helped me was not on the floor. The manager greeted me and asked why I was back. I HAD to tell her-I wasn't upset and I said so. I said "I was yacking and chatting to much and I probably just distracted her." In truth, I did have a few transactions going on and she just made an error. The other SA's looked upset and then the girl came out of the back and looked upset too. I wanted to cry.:crybaby: I didn't want them upset-but did I do something wrong? I guess I am being overly sensitive about this but I don't want them mad and I certainly didn't want anyone to be "in trouble". We all make errors-that's part of being human.
    I still feel bad about this-why am I feeling this way? I wish I could say it's PMS but surgery took that away a few years ago! :shrugs: I have to go back at the end of the week to pick up a back order-maybe I will make them some of my double chocolate brownies!
  2. :heart: Your too sweet!

    I am sure once the original SA talked to the manager after you left it was explained to her and they have all gone on with their day. I seriously doubt anyone would get in trouble for that. :smile:
  3. That happened to me this weekend but it was an exchange situation and the SA gave me TOO MUCH back, so I went in to make sure it was corrected (the SA forgot to take off 25% I got for the item I was returning). Anyway the manager was very rude to the SA and told her "You messed up big time"! I felt terrible and I was so afraid that I got her in big trouble. Part of the problem was that we were chatting away and I really wasn't paying attention. This was at an outlet in Maine. I even told the manager that I should have paid better attention and I don't want the SA to get in trouble but she said nothing. Needless to say I don't think I will go back there. The manager was awful.
  4. Hopefully the manager is reasonable and realized that it was just a simple mistake. I would have definitely gone back and I think that you went back in a good way -- no yelling and fussing about how the SA screwed up. If you are really that worried about it, check up on the SA when you go back. Also, brownies never hurt a situation! Yum, brownies!
  5. Don't feel bad about a thing. A mistake was made but it got corrected and all is well. I think that if you bake the double chocolate fudge brownies you will melt their hearts and it will be as if nothing ever happened.
  6. I think you did the right thing and nobody should be upset in this situation! :yes: It was a simple mistake, and it was NOT your mistake. If it isn't too much trouble, I would make brownies just so they know you don't dislike them now or something.
  7. I know I didn't do anything wrong but I still feel bad. I guess it's because we were all having fun and everyone was in a great mood and then the girls looked upset. I didn't like seeing them upset over something so fixable.
  8. :sad: You didn't do anything wrong at all so please don't feel bad, or dwell too long on it anymore. Maybe the manager was just having an off day and upset the girls. You are so sweet about the brownies!! Except, now I might have to go bake brownies because now I will be thinking about chocolate and such all night.
  9. mmmmmm......brownies.......:drool:

    I don't think you should feel bad....like the others said it was a simple mistake that was easily corrected, and it could've been anything that upset them.
  10. How about you bake some brownies for me!! Hahaha, it sounds like a nice gesture. I'm sure the girls will appreciate it. Don't feel too bad, it was an honest mistake..everybody makes them.
  11. Bake them brownies (hopefully you can go on the same day of the week assuring they are there again)... You will feel better, they will feel better, and you'll have another excuse to browse the store :wlae:

    You did NOT do anything wrong... I had to call today to have my price adjusted after an exchange and it was no big deal. People make mistakes, and it's not like you made a big deal out of it either. I just think what you said about brownies would be great for everyone involved :yes:
  12. Don't feel bad. It was a mistake that you had to get corrected. Everyone makes them.
  13. Mistakes like that get made all the time, don't worry! Nobody's going to get fired or written up or anything like that. Routine stuff! Don't feel guilty. :heart:
  14. Sorry to venture off-topic, but on the brownie subject: are the Coach SAs allowed to recieve such gifts? I've always wanted to either a) bring them in a gift certificate for brunch at my mom's restuarant or b) bring them in some of my homemade biscotti....do you think they'd be able to accept?
  15. Oh my goodness.... you are soooo cute for being upset!!!

    Humans make mistakes... ;)

    I am sure the brownies wouldn't hurt though! :graucho: