I Feel Satisfied....How Long Can It Last????

  1. I have been carrying my AC mini city in butterscotch with everything I wear (even black). This week I ordered and received the black AC Mini city because it's weird wearing butterscotch when pants, shoes, etc. are black. Now, I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!! I was at the outlet mall today to do a chore and when I finished, I parked by NM last call, Off 5th and Coach Outlet. I sat in my car for a few minutes and then PULLED OUT AND DROVE HOME!!! I realized that I had NO INTEREST in looking at bags and that I was COMPLETELY SATISFIED!!! It is such a strange feeling not to "want" and I don't know if I'm happy or sad about it and most especially, how long this feeling will last..... Have any of you felt this way and if so, how long did it last for you???? I'm interested in hearing your experiences and TIA! :smile::confused1:
  2. Congrats! That's an accomplishment. It is a sign of maturity too. It means you understand your style and you have chosen the right/perfect handbag. I am having the feeling that I am almost finished buying handbags...for awhile, anyway. I have fabulous ones, and I love them, they suit me, and my hunger is satisfied. It feels good, doesn't it? You can now turn your attention to other things. Enjoy!
  3. I can relate. Since I have bought my latest 2 LV's I am somewhat satisfied. I have been carrying the bag in my avatar for about a month now and probably for the rest of the summer. I have no desire to buy anything new....for a while at least. When you get something really good you raise the bar somewhat.
  4. Haha. Great thread!
    I have found myself MANY TIMES saying "this is it!" I am absolutely satisfied and I love everything I own, and there's nothing else I desire.
    How long has this feeling lasted? Well, considering I go through cycles, they can last anywhere from one week to a few months . It all depends on WHAT ELSE is in my life, you know?
    Now I'm in a cycle of "I'm pretty satisfied but there are just like two more things I want."
    Yeah, right....:graucho:
  5. Tropigal: I remember a few days ago you were in this satisfied place also. Glad to hear it's still holding!

    Bagladie: LOVE the bag in your avatar (no I am NOT drooling, really, I'm not, really....lol)

    I am laughing but, in truth, I'm still satisfied! Satisfaction is holding!:tup:
  6. Wow CG- I am dripping with envy after reading your post!!! :drool: Seriously!!! I think you and I started posting here about the same time.

    I think if I felt satisified, unfortunately I would have to run away from this forum :nuts: It's sad.

    I fell in love with Balenciaga bags and was pretty content with this designer (and I now own quite a few bags :supacool:). Then the B bag forum was closed for maintance for a few days... so what happened???

    I innocently wandered into the BV forum and guess what?? I am now lusting after a BV bag! And this designer is even more expensive than Balenciaga!!! At least the ones I have been looking at....


    Congrats and mazel tov!!!!!!!!!! (did I spell that correctly?)
  7. Wow! I wonder if you've been "cured" for good or if it's just temporary!;)

    I go through periods like that too, especially after I just purchase a bag I've been wanting forever. But it doesn't last. I think the longest I've lost interest in handbag shopping was just recently and it lasted about six weeks. Then all of a sudden this morning I woke up and said to myself, "you must order that pink patent leather Dior clutch from Bergdorf's".
  8. Hold on to that satisfaction for as long as you can! Wait, I see something...I love that leather, that color .... therefore, I want it.

    It's all good.
  9. I am laughing reading these posts.... We are all so much the same but I am going to chart the "satisfaction" duration! Today is the first day I REALIZED how satisfied I was but I think it started a day or two ago. JudieH: we did start together so maybe you're heading for this satisfied spot too... Okay, so it probably won't last forever but today: :tup:
  10. I kind of feel that way right now too. I was tempted by the BE 3 day sale but not that much. I just have too many great bags that I'm not carrying and giving as much love as they deserve, so I'm trying to carry them more and hold off on buying anything new till fall. I do have a large signature Coach Carly bag coming which I got with the PCE discount, but after that I have told myself no new bags for a while!
  11. After about 3 years of non-stop buying/selling/swapping/trading I finally became satisfied with my "collection". I now feel I have a bag for every occasion and multiple options per outfit - and for the past year now I've felt pretty satisfied with what I've got - feeling pretty well rounded :yes: :love:
  12. I too am satisfied. Since I received my Oak Annie :heart: (I know, I can't stop talking about her) I don't want anything else. I have not felt like this in a looooooong time. I feel kind of free, no purse lusting at all. I don't know if something else will come along and perk my interest, but for now, I think that I have finally met my perfect match. :yahoo:
  13. Sigh....I'm so jealous.
    I'm still in the swapping/trading/buyer/selling mode....
  14. For me that feeling lasts about 2 weeks.
  15. Same here Helen!!