I feel sad for...

  1. the ebay seller timeless_lv. They had a perfect 100% positive feedback score until today someone has given them 4 negs for selling fakes from Hong Kong. :wtf: I have bought from them in the past and found them great with authentic pieces. I'm sure it must be a mistake that they sold fakes and it is probably just a competitor trying to get back at them and destroy their credibility. Ebay sucks sometimes.
  2. :wtf: The buyer is almost certain an enemy:s . She left neg. feedbacks after 2 days of buying and she's from the US while timeless_lv is from UK,no way in the world she would have received the bags.I've bought from timeless_lv and their bags were sent from UK NOT HK. What pi$$ me off is the fact that the buyer has private feedbacks. I'll make sure I block her from my auctions.:cursing:
  3. This just happened with lvlady99 too, with the SAME buyer!
  4. oh wow. probably someone that hates LV in general
  5. ewww. I need to take a look so I can be sure to block that buyer. Anyone have a link?
  6. You know, there was a story not too long ago on tv about how some of the most reputable ebay sellers of LV have been caught selling FAKES!! You never know????????
  7. .....you can do a search on ebay for the seller under their id and then read the feedback and find out who the buyer's id is...very easy.
  8. I think everything will be okay...
    Although the seller's 100% positive feedback is ruined, unless this trouble-maker pays for all the items he/she did BIN/won, the seller can file an unpaid item dispute and if it's not responded to the buyer's feedback won't be counted...
    Since he/she bought so many things, I doubt he/she will pay for any of it! SO the seller should be SAFE!
  9. Ebay has already cleaned up timeless_lv's feedback record. The buyer is no longer a registered buyer. I'm sure lvlady99 will have her record cleaned up soon too!
  10. I noticed this. I have a bunch of MPRS in my favorite sellers and this person left negative feedback for like 5 of them, probably more that I don't have in my faves. Hopefully eBay has cleared this all up, it's so ridiculous. Silly people with nothing to do.
  11. I can't stand this eBay version of trolls, so pathetic...
  12. OMG, this is so silly...who has time for such childish behavior
  13. I saw that too and immediately thought that was just done out of spite.
  14. There's a whole thread about it on the shoes and accessories board on E-bay. A lot of sellers were hit. It is a horrible troll that frequents the board to attack the people who try to stop the counterfeiters. It was just awful.
  15. That is just awful, I'm glad to see that ebay was quick to solve it. Some people have just too much time on their hands