I feel quilty please--need advice PLEASE

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  1. I bought a chloe paddington and I feel quilty. I'm getting married next year and we are closing on a condo in about a month. I've been really down sizing my handbag collection so that we can add to our savings. Over the next year we are going to incure a lot of new expenses such as morgage, student loan payment (I'm graduating from dental school so the payment is thousands/month), and a bed (holy crap these things can be expensive!). I really taking control of my handbag addiction. However, I loved the orange chole when I saw her up for sale on ebay I could not resist. I got it and loved it but that responsible side took over and I put it up for sale. I go to the closet every day pull it out of the dust bag and carry it around my apartment (it is kinda heavy but the leather awww..). My fiancee says I can can keep it if I want, he totally dosen't care. He keeps telling me that money will not be an issue. The bag is paid for however it is money that I could save. What should I do I have NEVER had this problem before (usually I have the attitude you only live once).....
  2. We can all save money if we didn't buy nice things, but what kind of life would we be living?? I think everything in moderation. You know that once the mortgage, furniture, school loan payments kick in, you'll have to modify your budget on handbags.... but until then ENJOY your paddy and any other purchases that you may get in the future.

    You have a really sweet fiance too! He says don't worry, so don't.

    It's hard to determine how much everything is going to be monthly and not knowing is freaking you out.. I would be freaked out too... But just roll w/ the punches and trust that everything will work out. At least it's not happening all at once... first the mortgage pymt, then the student loan which i think takes 6 months to kick in, they don't send the first bill right after you graduate..... So there's plenty of time to budget :yes:
  3. Why don't you hold on to it for a while and see how the rest of the payments work out? If you need the money later, sell it then.
  4. Keep the paddington!

    When I get that feeling I know it's time to go on a purse ban. I take it as a signal that I have enough for now. If you love it (and it seems like you do!) than keep it, and rest easy knowing that you don't need to buy another bag for a year or two because you have this beautiful one. Having this bag will mean you don't have to spend more money on bags you don't like as much.
  5. This is so well said! I could not agree more!
  6. Me too :nuts:
  7. I couldn't have said it better....

    Keep it, enjoy it and don't buy any more bags until you know how your finances will turn out to be.....

    Having been through this before, when you list your finances it always sounds a LOT scarier than it really is! When you take it one day at a time it will be better than ok......

  8. Yep, everyone is absolutely right. You love this bag and it is making you happy and you should be happy! You're getting a condo and getting married (to a very nice sounding man btw)! Enjoy the bag and enjoy this time of your life. Money troubles are something we all suffer from at some points in our lives (or all) but you shouldn't let it get you down or make you feel guilty. If gets to the point where you do actually really need the money, as everyone has said you can sell the bag. Your fiance doesn't mind, it's nearly xmas have fun :yes:.

    Now take that bag out on the town!(or out of the house at least:drool:)
  9. I feel that way ALL the time... I have amazing guilt over buying things. And my fiance doesn't care at all!!

    I am probably in a similar situtation to you too - I am getting married in June and should save to buy OUR house (we both have houses but our combined house that we will live in 'forever'), the honeymoon, the wedding, whatever. We make good salaries, but... I have the lingering, 'this should go to...'

    I would keep it as a treat to yourself... your last (or next to last! or next to next to last!) bag as a single girl. ENJOY! You picked a gorgeous bag!!
  10. First of all, congrats on all of the new and exciting stuff happening in your life. Secondly, I would absolutely keep it. When you have the bills coming in steadily month after month, you definitely won't be buying as many bags as you are now. Everything will work out, the student loan payment is scary, but not as bad as you think (I'm paying mine now...). Keep the bag and toss the guilty feelings!
  11. Aye aye, i agree - if your OH was forcing you to sell up, then it might be a different story.

    For now, enjoy your paddy, take her out and have fun. It's nearly xmas and you don't want to be worrying too much about it right now.

    Maybe sit down in a few months, take a fresh look at your finances and decide from there what you really need to do. Keep, or sell up?

    TBH - how many of us here could really and truly afford to buy what we want, when we want, and how we want...? I know i can't, but in moderation, i get a little pleasure out of life now and again by carrying something which, to me, is almost priceless. (Hmm...although i saw an ostrich Hermes bag on the arm of a lady in Bristol last week!!)

    Balance is the key - You have to treat yourself a little now and then, otherwise what is all the hard work and debt for?

    All the best to you xx
  12. I am in the exact same position as you - new condo to pay for, wedding next year, and a bag addiction that cannot be controlled!

    I'm justifying my current purchases because I figure once we move into the condo and are really into the wedding planning, I REALLY won't have the money to buy these bags. So...I must buy them NOW!!!

    But seriously, I'm planning on slowing down next year when everything's going to be happening. I figure instead of bags, I'll be busy decorating my condo and planning my wedding - which are both just as addictive to me as buying bags!

    Good luck with your saving, your new condo, and your wedding! In the meantime, enjoy your new bag!!!!!!!!!