I Feel My Speedy 30 Is Too Small

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  1. Hello! Today I was shopping with my speedy 30 (ebene) on my way to purchase a mono speedy 30 and I felt it was too small! So I have decided to wait and make sure I decide on the right size.
  2. I've a speedy 30 (azur) so I got my second speedy as a 35 mono. I love them in both sizes. And as you have one in 30, I suggest you to buy 35 this time. good luck deciding :smile:
  3. That's great, I think many here have the 35 size. I have Epi Speedy 30 and it's actually larger than size 30.
  4. I'd get the 35 size. It's really good and carries about the same amount as a NF MM, if that helps you. I could go shopping with my Speedy 35, and I've even used it for school. Anything smaller than a 35 is just too small for me since I carry a lot.
  5. the 35 is such a great size! I don't have one YET... but I played with it today and I love it!
  6. get a mono 35 and that way you will have a damier 30 and a mono 35
  7. Thanks!:smile::smile::smile:

  8. This is just what I was going to suggest! :tup:
  9. I had a Speedy Mono 25 for a week and then I changed it for a 30 yesterday. It really depence on what you are used to use, I am not used to a big bag and do not carry a lot. So a 30 was already a big step for me, but I enjoy i verry verry much, hahaha.
  10. I have a Speedy 30 and the size is fine with me. When I use it I try not to put as many stuff if possible. But if you feel it is too small then get the 35.
  11. really?I thought 30 is a perfect size.you should try 35 then see whether you like it or not.
  12. I think it's because I am a student and need more room. But if it's used as a regular purse it most definitely is the perfect size. Thank you!
  13. I had the mono 30 a few months back and sold it because of size issues...it was just too small for me and it Looked too small on my frame. I'm 5'5 110 lbs and I love the look of the 35. I have the epi speedy 30 and it's bigger than the mono 30...I would say it can be a canvas sized 33. But again the 35 would be my pick for a Mono canvas.
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    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    I went the other way. I got the Damier Ebene Speedy 35 and thought it was a great size. I carried it around and thought it felt awkward. I got a Monogram Speedy 30 afterwards and thought it's the perfect size. But, in the winter time, I add my big fluffy mittens and a nice cozy book to read and the Speedy 30 was too small. :sad: I went back to my Speedy 35 and fell in love all over again. :heart::heart:

    So, I think having two Speedys in different sizes is great because you can switch up or down depending on your needs. I saw two girls who are friends carrying Monogram Speedy 40s. Apparently, they go to the same school and very tiny (about 5"1 and less than 100 lbs each) but it looked so cute that they both have the same identical handbags and it carried everything they needed for school.

    So, enjoy whatever size you like. I don't think I'd go the route of the Speedy 40 though even though unless you've got lots of books and stuff to haul around. I betcha it would be plenty heavy and perhaps a shoulder bag would be a better investment. Somehow, these two girls I saw didn't carry that much heavy stuff and yet their bags were all full--maybe with helium balloons, perhaps? :shrugs:
  15. I think just like anything it is a personal decision. I love my speedy 30 and do not need a 35. However that being said if you need a 35 go for it. A speedy in general is a great bag.
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