I feel my first negative feedback coming


Jan 3, 2009
I am so sick of people today.

Ok, this lady got a great deal, a dress, shaw like thing and purse for 10 bucks.

She got a huge deal, but before she even won it she was making demands, well, demands is a harsh word, more like, can you gift wrap this and make it look all nice its a gift for my sister.

I tell her for 5 dollars extra, sure.

Of course she declined, I am a jerk for not doing this for free when its going to cost me more in shipping than the dress was bought for, it just will, the dress is kinda heavy.

Anyways, I am mad about that but its my own fault, not hers.

So then she sends me and email today asking for cheaper shipping, omg, its was 8 bucks shipping, its going to cost me like 12 or who knows, but it will be more than 8, and she wants some discount?

I am seriously thinking about saying, if thats unbearable for you, I will be more than happy to refund your money, oh, and she hasn't paid yet, because shes haggling about a shipping fee!


Mar 21, 2008
Ugh, crazy people. Just say politely "I'm sorry, but the shipping fee is non-negotiable. It was listed in the auction, but if you are unwilling to pay it as is I would be happy to mutually cancel the transaction."


Jul 21, 2008
North Texas
Perhaps you should just relist the item. If not, I would remind the lady that she got a great deal, and that if she haggles further over anything, you will be happy to refund her the money and relist your item.

Is this Bonanzle BTW? It seems that buyers like to haggle more there.


Jan 3, 2009
No, shes on Ebay.

And if I wanted to be a jerk, I could say, I said on auction you had two days to pay and you did not, do I want to do that? No, I really dont.

But then again its so ridiculous, and there were warning signs she was weird prior, like she bid, the 2nd day it was listed, it was a 5 day auction, and when she bid, she acted like she owned it right then, like I got a huge rambling email about how she would keep me in her favorites, and how much she loved my store it was so diverse, could I make the package so pretty because shes going to give it as a gift, and me saying yes, for 5 dollars was nice to even offer, weird stuff.
Jun 25, 2008
I would send her an email explaining that, to you, she seems uncomfortable, unsure about the transaction and that you would rather cancel it and refund her money.


I want this one! <3
Jul 18, 2006
i agree, let her know that if she doesn't want to pay for the agreed shipping, that you would rather mutually agree to withdraw the auction. i'm sure she realizes that she's getting a great deal and will pony up the shipping. sorry you have to deal with a PITA!