I Feel Lucky About How I Bought My Three Bags!

  1. Hi,
    I want to share with you the story of how i bought my precious thre Birkin bags, all of them bought between november and december 2007.

    I was in a wait list for a 35 etoupe in togo or clemence. Meanswhile I kept searching in eBay just in case i find something interesting.
    There we go... i found a 30 birkin, dark grey in a leather that is not avalaible anymore, as the bag was 5 years old, but still looked NEW, so i bought it as i think the colour is a good alternative to black.
    So, as i had a grey one, i went to the store to leave it at the spa ( it smelt terribly ... from cigar smoking and the clochette needed to be repaired) and to change the colour for the new one. I went for gold as a great basic, close to browns, but not too dark.
    The SA told me that there was a 35 gold clemence in the store, and that the lady that was suposed to take it was thinking if she took it or not. She had to decide that afternoon, so the SA said: wait two hours and i will call you back just in case the lady doesn't take it.
    GUESS WHAT!!:nuts:
    She didn't, so i took it! I was so lucky that i didn't have to wait at all.

    And then, about my third bag... that was supossed to be bought in 2008... i was trying to decide between red and etoupe. Oh yes, i said NO to etoupe, but the i saw photos of some members etoupes, photos of the one Victoria Beckham owns ( the shoulder one) and didn't know what to do. Then again, i whent to the store to take a look at the leathers... and.... THERE IT WAS. A lovely 30 birkin, etoupe and swift... waiting for me on the shelf.
    I could not resist. It was so perfect because:
    - I prefer 30 than 35, it is more handy and lightweight.
    - I didn't want togo or clemence, as i had gold already in grained leather.
    - Swift is soft, lightweight and according to Hermesgroupy leather catalog, easy to refurnish.
    So again, I came back home with my dream bag!:yahoo:.

    Don't you think I am a luchy girl?
    I want to thank all of you that shared with me your red and etoupe bags, and your oppinios. It is great to have a forum like this for us , mad about bags people!

    Want to see the pics of the etoupe??
  2. PICS PLEASE!!! Your story was MAJOR!!!
  3. They were meant to be yours, congrats, pics please.
  4. :woohoo:Pictures, pictures, pictures, please!
  5. Yes they were meant to be yours :yes: I love hearing these stories! Please post a family pic :flowers:
  6. I love your story! Are you gonna reveal it soon? Come post lotsa pictures!!
  7. Yay for miracles! Yes, you are a very lucky girl indeed. Congrats.
  8. claravi, great story! And yes, I'd love to see pix. ;)
  9. OMG! Fantastic and Congrats!
  10. thanks! I will post pics tonight as the photos are i the computer at home!
    You already know the grey and gold ones.
    I will post of the third tonight, and of course a family pic.
    And i have a question: have you ever chosen a special date or event to wear your bag for the first time once it is at home???
    The bag is still in the closet, and I want to wear it but not all sure that I want to take it out for the first time just on a simple day to go to the office..:shrugs:
    Maybe for a shopping saturday , since we are in sales period??:graucho:
    Well i will think about it, but if you have a special story about this... please share it here!
  11. You are a lucky lady indeed... 3 birkins in the span of 2 months??!! Congrats on your ever-expanding family!! Can't wait for the pics!
  12. You are lucky! Please post photos.
  13. Lucky lady. Can't wait to see your reveal.
  14. Great story! Those babies are destined to be with you, Claravi. I don't normally find a special occasion to debut my bags. I am too impatient to wait for a reason to take them out.
  15. what fun.