I feel lost without the HH Labor Day Sale thread

  1. :sad:
  2. ITA.

    We are all so fragmented without the thread as a home base!
  3. Can't we convince them to have another sale??:crybaby::crybaby:
  4. It is kind of hard to follow the different HH threads. I forget where I have posted or seen posts. The post your pics. thread has been great recently, though. I've really enjoyed seeing pics. of HH bags on tPF'ers, they look better than those HH models any day.:smile: Maybe this can be the "home thread" for general HH conversation.
  5. I miss it too! I so enjoyed reading every one's adventures in labor day sales.
  6. I miss it to...but not as much as I miss all of you
  7. That thread was a great watering hole for us HH fans. I always check out the HH threads and would love if one of the threads here became a new home base. Better yet, we need our own sub-forum. :party:
  8. I habitually get online any time I have a free minute, only to realize I have no need to. there is no promised sale to stalk any more, therefore no thread to talk about it...:cry:
  9. Yet notice we're all still checking for HH threads! Hard to let these little throughout-the-day "escapes" go - I am subscribed to over 60 threads, trying to make my own little subforum to keep track of all of our HH raves, rants, hopes, and pics!
  10. I miss it too! I miss my HH ho's!:crybaby:
  11. :crybaby::cry::wondering

    Time to put the ban meter back up...le sigh.

    Oh, I see you down there....taunting me....mocking me....
  12. I feel lost too. :crybaby:

    Oh no...we're...homeless!

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term "bag ladies," doesn't it?
  13. I miss it as well. Thus we need a subforum.
  14. Lets all chant: SUBFORM, SUBFORM, SUBFORM...

  15. "mocking-lee"......tee-hee-hee