I feel lost....My Friends & LV

  1. So I started back at school the other day.
    I started here on tPF right around the time school was ending, and prior to that I had 1 LV (and now am at around 10 or so)....anyways I love to share my exciting news with everyone on tPF (especially you girls/guys). My hubby couldn't care less about the purses...he kind of just shrugs his shoulders...which is fine with me.
    But anyways....at school I have a bunch of girlfriends....but I feel so lost. I love my LVs and my obsession with them, and would love to have great face-to-face conversations with people about LV and my love of it. BUT...these girls are all in their early 20s (I'm in my late 20s), single, and couldn't give a hoot about LV or anything "high end". Even before this obsession it wasn't like we were really super close or anything....
    I guess it's not their "thing"....which is understandable and they're great friends nonetheless. But I just feel like I don't fit in anymore...they rolled their eyes today as I was trying to fit my BV into a shopping bag because it was lightening outside and I didn't want to get rain on my purse.
    I feel a better connection to you guys and I've never even met any of you....but you share my passion:love: for LV.

    Is there something wrong with me?
    I feel like LV is kind of like my "hobby/passion" and there is no one IRl to share it with :sad:
  2. i have the same problem too, because none of my friends can afford anything high-end, so they can't understand why i'd spend more than $25 on a bag :sad:. i only have 2 friends who can afford these things, and they're in London and Melbourne :cry:, so i have nobody to talk to about things like bags and shoes. my boyfriend understands my obsession with it, but he doesn't really have the patience to sit and listen to me ramble on about it, simply because he's a man :blah:.
  3. you'll find someone in your everyday life who shares your passion. just keep a look out for someone else rocking LV who looks a lil lonely and then say hello. I never had anyone to talk to about this stuff either. Most of my friends dont understand why i would spend "that kind of money" on a bag. Luckily for me I have met people in my life and i have a few family members whom i have molded in to my purse adoring likeness. plus we, tPFers, are always here. we arent going anywhere. maybe there will be tPF meeting in your area and you can meet all your girls n guys. I know i am so at the next one in boston ::ahem traci::
  4. That's why PF is a great place..
    none of friends from work care about purses let alone designer purses. I have couple of friends love designer purses but they ar either overseas or llive in different states. So I am forever grateful being part of this wonderful "community"..No one judge me with my obsession..
  5. Twiggers, I'm sorry your friends don't understand. Unfortunately, many people don't. You always have us here on the forum. I guess when you're with your friends you can focus on other things that you have in common.

    I'm much older than you are and I have the same problem. So, I come here for my support. My family knows I love designer bags but think I'm silly for spending so much money on "just a bag". It makes me happy and that's all that matters.

    Also, by the way, you're not the only one stuffing your LV into a plastic bag to avoid a rain storm. Recently, we were having dinner out and I was caught in a storm. I asked the lady at the restaurant for a plastic bag to put my Batignolles Horizontal in. She looked at me like I was crazy. My husband and son just rolled their eyes.

    PS There is nothing wrong with you. You're obsessed with bags like the rest of us here on this forum. You're in good company. Take care.
  6. I completely understand. Only one of my friends knows how much I really spend on bags. Unfortunately she is not the one I spend the most time with, due to our schedules. The others would think I was a nut job if they knew! My family and boyfriend obviously know, but think I'm nuts. Oh well, at least we have each other on tPF :flowers:
  7. My family is the same way, outside of my husband & kids. They are pretty crappy about it too, I never hear a snide word about all the electronics, plastic surgeries & massive dollar store purchases made by others in the family, but if I take out a nice bag the nasty comments start flying. One of the family spends at least $300 a month at the freaking dollar store & I'm wasteful???
    If a friend doesn't understand our obsession, it's ok. There is still plenty to talk about & share, eventually they will stop rolling their eyes over your love of bags.
  8. Some of my friends understand and think I should carry whatever I want to carry, while others tell me they could never spend that much on a purse and instead steer me towards "reasonable" brands. But I'm proud of my collection and my knowledge, and know that

    To each her own, I say, as long as you're still the same person you were before you started your obsession (same in the ways that matter). I say good for you for being able to afford nice things. There are only a few obsessions that actually work to make a woman look better!!
  9. I can completely relate too! I started PF in May when school ended (I'm a teacher though, not a student) and now that school's on, no teacher I work with shares my passion for bags. They only carry Coach or Dooney or horrible fakes.:yucky: I could easily bet you a million dollars not one co-worker knows that LV's expand beyond Mono Canvas. And no one even seems to know who Marc Jacobs is which is so sad to me because I love his bags soooo much.:sad:

    Thanks PF'ers just for being there!:love:
  10. I can definately relate. I'm around your age bracket and hardly have any friends who purchase these 'type' of bags. The 2 girlfriends that I have that collect as well, one of which is now in Shanghai, and the other I rarely see. As for my best friend, all she does is lecture me and shake her head. (I was mortified when I wanted to show her the Shelton I had purchased a few weeks ago when I was in the store waiting for her, and she comes in, speaking extremely loud saying "Where is this FAMOUS bag your making me come see?! :wtf: ) The bf understands, but keeps telling me that I have enough and shouldn't buy anymore. My mom just thinks I'm bonkers, but has no hesitation in borrowing them!! :shame:
  11. I don't really have school friends that have the same vices (higher end materialism, computer collecting, European car worship) but I think it's alright, that I have friends that love some stuff and I do and other friends (PF friends !) that love some other stuff that I do. I think it's all a balance !

    My friends thought it was hilarious when I like was all excited and screaming about stuff in Devil Wears Prada - I was definitely the guru then ! :biggrin:
  12. Girl, I hear you. I go through the same thing. My family understands, but my sis, sil, and my mom just don't get it and I really don't care:shrugs: . On sat. I bought a new bag, red epi Alma. My sister called me later on that night and we talked for an hour. When I got off the phone, my dh mentioned that I did not share my new bag with my sis. I told him that I find no pleasure in sharing my new bag with php (purse hating people) I'd rather share it with my friends at the pf. My dh just laugh:lol:

    BTW, there is a family member too that spend hundreds in the dollar store:wtf: What is up with that?
  13. It's the same way for me too (for all of us it seems!) Some of my friends had never even heard of LV and didn't know Chanel made anything other then perfume (can you believe that!?) One of them actually thought her "Baby Phat" bag was the height of couture (lol). I was with a friend the other day and I was wearing some Fendi sunglasses and she said to me, "Those are cute, but who's initials are FF?" I was flabbergasted!

    I'm also a college student in her early twenties, and I think it's rare that most girls our age can afford or are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a purse. But be happy that you can, perhaps someday you'll rub off on them. But of you don't, who cares, you've got us here and we understand :smile:
  14. Ugh, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I don't know anyone who's as facinated with designer goods as I am. So I'm often left to shop for and admire their beauty on my own :sad:. But hey, that's why this forum is so great! Good opportunities to meet people that share your love!
  15. Same here!!! It's frustrating... I want to share my knowledge and talk about LV everyday... Well I have one person, named *ahem* Matt, who I talk to everyday about LV, but he lives in Michigan... *sigh*

    My friends just don't understand LV or designer anything. Heck, I'm from a town full of hicks and the most popular club in school was the FFA. :lol:

    I have this one friend who always preaches "UGH!!!! You spent HOW MUCH on this little thing?!?!?!?! :wtf: " So I'm like: :hysteric:... So I just tell him "Well it's MY money, I do whatever I want with it..." But yet when it's just us to he's like "I need to get some LV... blah blah blah."