I feel like the biggest dork .... ever! (RE: my Laptop)

  1. First off all, thanks to everyone for their input ... I really appreciated it! :flowers:


    A miracle has happened Lappy (yes, I have a name for my notebook) is back to life!!! :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:


    When my SO came back from work, he finally had a look at the thing. I hadn't touched it all day and when he started it, it started to boot but got stuck on the start up screen (the one that says "Windows Xp", yes, shame on me, I'm a microsoft user at the moment, and has this little flashing thing running under the logo), he then went to boot it from CD and could acces the BIOS, well as it turned out, all I needed was a new CMOS Battery (I have to admit, I had no clue these things even exist, apparantly they are need to save your PCs settings like clock, etc I guess :shrugs:)

    Anyway, I really happy that I don't need to buy a new laptop just now ... in the future I'm planning on getting a Macbook, but right now that wouldn't have worked for me since the one I want is out of my budget right now and I don't want to be stuck with the "little" one :shame:

    So, if your computer dies, check the Cmos battery :p
  2. fabulous!! i hate it when the laptop /pc dies!! mine crashed and i lost everything and had to reinstall and reconfigure everything. (well not I literally, the PC guy)

    what a pain and the laptop has never felt the same again *sigh*

    Well now you can spend that laptop $$ on a new bag =) MUHAHAHHA
  3. exactly my thoughts, though SO thinks we should get a PS3 now that I don't need a new laptop :sweatdrop:
  4. why am i not surprised! =P

    i just saw a PINK PS set targeted at females and it looked really feminine and cute.... ;) if it's going to be in the house, might as well be cute and nice!
  5. That's a relief!!! Congrats!!:yes: :yes:
  6. lol. I'm glad it's fixed! :biggrin:
  7. I'm glad it's fixed too...so you don't have to waste your money on a Mac!!!


  8. lol .... first anti-mac opinion in like forever :nuts: :p .... but they are just soooo pretty, lol ... yes, I know, I'm being a girl here (and I actually just found a Hello Kitty notebook online :sweatdrop:) but looks are important to me :shame:
  9. ugh that same symptom happened to my desktop, it was always stuck at the Windows XP logo, and we ended up selling it :sad: but I wish I woulda known this and had it fixed..
  10. did you have problems with your computer clock before that as well? .... during the last weeks the clock/date thingy went totally berserk always jumping around and setting weird dates and times :push:
  11. That's great news! :smile: computers are SO frustrating sometimes.
  12. ^^ This will happen as well as upon boot up, some boot processes will tell you your CMOS battery is low. Mine does and it gives another beep so I don't overlook it.
  13. So glad your laptop is back to normal and had a speedy recovery ;) Here's to not buying a Mac! :yucky:
  14. I am a Mac user, and I think anyone who uses windows is crazy.