I feel like such an idiot!

  1. On Monday I ordered the signature patchwork shoulder tote in indigo from Coach.com. All week I'm anxiously watching the box go through Federal Express and finally I can see that it will be delivered today. The hours slip by.

    Finally someone brings me my box. I tear into it and it's as gorgeous as the picture. There is only one problem - I have got both ends of the handles completely stuck and can't undo them. One half of the handle was clipped to something inside the bag. I undo it and clip it successfully to one end, the other end the opener thingy get stuck, I can't open or close it and I don't want to pull or push on it any harder for fear of damaging the unused bag. Then I notice the end that I clipped so successfully also won't unclasp. This can't be rocket science, what on earth is wrong with me??

    My SO has begun to notice my (very recent) handbag fetish and is wondering what is going on with me. I'm starting to have my handbags shipped to me at work so he doesn't notice the packages. I can't go to him (we work for the same company) for help because he will recognize this is another brand new purchase and why the heck do I need another blue handbag when there are 8 or 9 of them hanging on the door and behind the door in our bedroom.

    So, feeling like the world's biggest idiot I will have to drive 40 minutes to the nearest Coach store after work and hope they can help me. I am sure I will make their day and they will all have a good laugh about me after I've left the store. I will just die if they can't fix the problem and tell me I have to send the bag back to Coach and start all over again. Peggy
  2. Oh poor sweetie! I'm trying to picture this but I just can't. I'm sure the Coach SAs will be able to help you out so you can enjoy your new bag. Good luck!
  3. The people at the Coach store were wonderful! They told me it's not as easy to get the straps on as people think and that I wasn't the first person to show up there in a panic. Even they had a hard time with it and were just about to give me a new bag when one of them who had been working on it for 15 minutes finally got the clasp hook to open. I no longer feel like an idiot. I walked out of there with my new patchwork tote over my shoulder and felt like a new woman. Peggy
  4. Yay! Thank goodness Peggy and congratulations on your new baby!
  5. Glad things worked out for the best! Enjoy your new bag!
  6. I ordered that same bag and had a VERY HARD time getting the straps on correctly. I even called coach.com to make sure I was on the right track.

    I hope you have a ball with your new bag. :smile:
  7. I also had some trouble with the straps. I doubt once they are on that anyone would have to take them off again. I felt it was worth it for this awsome bag!!!!! :love:
  8. I'm glad things worked out for you and the SA's were able to help you :biggrin:
  9. Thank you to those of you who also had trouble putting on the handle of this bag - I think they made it difficult so as to make it almost impossible for it to ever come undone sometime in the future.

    I am loving this bag - the first Coach I have had that is roomy enough to carry most of what I like to haul around. I kind of wish it had a zipper at the top as or some kind of magnet closing. I'm not used to having this dog leash clip closure (I hadn't seen the bag in person and had no idea what that meant).

    To anyone else who had had this kind of patchwork bag - do you have any tips for keeping it clean? I have leather cleaner/moisturizer for the bottom but there are so many different fabrics on the rest of the bag. Now that I have felt probably every texture Coach has ever used in a bag, I would love to get something in their soft suede. Peggy