I feel like such a return-a-holic

  1. I posted yesterday that My Aunt had given me a Blue reversible tote that I had already bought so I'm returning it for store credit. But I am also returning my Bleecker duffle, it's been sitting in the closet since I got it, and I'm not totally in love with it. oooh not done yet, one more thing, lol probably a month ago I had gotten the Legacy slim envelope wallet in Whiskey and it had some weird black dots on it. I hesitated on taking it back but I haven't used it thinking I would eventually exchange it, but haven't gotten around to it.

    Does anyone else do this?? None of these have been used, (only worn around the house to model) The SA's probably dread whenever they see me, thinking I have another return lol.
  2. If my berry Carly doesnt sell, my SA's will be in heaven w/ me b/c I am going to return her to my boutique to get my cash back!!!! I dont think the SA's will dread seeing you!!!!! You are so nice!!!!
  3. wait, did I miss something !!! What happened ?
  4. YES it's true!!!! See my thread.....sad, but true!!!! :crybaby:
  5. Jen, don't feel bad in the least!! You are dropping big bucks in that store and I am sure the SA are just fine with that! You are getting store credit so it is not like they are loosing out on a sale or anything. There are so many beautiful styles out there it is hard to know unless you buy it and try it. I bet you would be surprised at the amount of returns they get from others :yes:
  6. I always worry if I return too much to Coach. I know that they track your purchases and I don't want to lose my PCE discounts! I also feel bad when returning.

    I got my daughter a wristlet for her birthday, she didn't like it and wanted a belt. Returned the wristlet, they had to order the belt. When it came it was too big, returned it and ordered a smaller size. When it came she just didn't like it...returned it...me feeling bad the whole time...
  7. Once, last year, I must have exchanged for a different bag three times in a row. Then I had purchased a Bleecker with all the matching accessories (right down to the little tattersall keyring!) and I just did not love the bag at all. So I took this whole shopping bag full of items and went to the store to exchange everything for a Leigh! I put it off for about two weeks because I was dreading the whole transaction, but then I calculated how much I had spent on those items, and said uh-uh, too much money to not be totally thrilled with my purchase. So I did the exchange and the SA was very nice about it. However, I must admit that experience has cut down on my impulse buys quite a bit. Exchange your items and get your $$ back or get a credit and hold on to it until there is something you know you will really really love.
  8. off topic, but did you change your name Jen? If so how did you do it because I am not really happy with mine. It was the only thing I could come up with that wasn't taken at the time, LOL!
  9. OMG...you are definately NOT the only one!! I've reached the point where I am actually embarrassed to bring things back to my boutique. They love me there but I just feel bad...IDK. I don't think I've ever actually returned for refunds, but I definately return for other bags.

    Yes...return the bags. Especially if there's is something else you've got your eye on.

    I have bags sitting in the closet too.
  10. Everything all added up is over $900. I don't want to keep these things and have the "what if" in my mind. I should be happy with things I buy right??
  11. I know what you mean. They shouldn't care but sometimes you just get that "vibe" oh well it is your money and your time, it's nothing personal to them although sometimes you would think it is. Many stores that I shop in or get gifts now won't even let you return like Toys R us and Baby Gap. I say go for it !
  12. who are you referring to??
  13. i feel really bad also, because everything has the tags but we just moved this week and I cant remember where i put the box with all of the reciepts!!
  14. :yes::yes::yes:
  15. i have never posted before but when I saw your post, i was thinking to myself that sounds just like me, cuz i always feel like im returning because i just cant ever make up my mind! I got the heritage tote in pink exchanged for the brown and im not feeing the brown either. I'm sure i'll be exchanging again for something else! So your not all alone in doing this!