I feel like such a PIG!!!

  1. Okay I've been on a "DIET" I've lost 20 lbs so far!!!:yahoo::yahoo:But just a few moments ago I REALLY wanted a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich. So I decided I'd have half of a s'wich and save the other half for tomorrow for who ever would eat it. Well I made it and in the hurry that I was to comeback to tPF I forgot to cut it in half and brought the whole thing to the PC with me and I ate ALL!!!!!:tdown::tdown: Now I don't know what to do. should I go and barf it up... I am joking:p? Now I am gonna have to wait a while to go to bed and probably do a little cardio before bed!! Then after pumping myself up I am gonna have a little trouble getting to sleep I know it, argh!! Oh well, thanks gals for letting me vent!!
  2. Don't worry about it. If it becomes a habit, that's one thing, but one pb & j isn't going to fatten you up any. I just had 2 slices of cold pizza (yum) and now I'm having a frappucino. When you're hungry, you should be able to eat without getting anxious.
  3. that's okay. maybe try to eat less the next day.
  4. Okay, right now I am the floor doing crunches!:push:
  5. Nerdphanie I love cold pizza!! RoseMary, thanks that is exactly what I'll do!!! Off... to do 10 crunches!
  6. ^ you're very disciplined.

    oh, and congrats on loosing 20 lbs. that's a lot. way to go, girl! :woohoo:
  7. 20 lbs is a pretty signifigant wt loss, you should be proud!One PB&J isn't going to push you over the edge. Most diets ultimately fail because people deprive themselves too severely, IMO. Enjoy the occassional treat and don't feel guilty.
  8. you're so disciplined! good for you!!

    i've lost no weight =P

    i think those crunches will offset the half Pbj sandwich...

    it's only PBJ tho... it's not like you stuffed your face with KFC.... =)
  9. mmm...kfc...
  10. It's good to be disciplined but punishing yourself for one slip up isn't healthy. It's not like you ate an entire tub of Ben & Jerry's....keep it all in perspective, you've done great so far
  11. Just think about it as treating yourself for loosing 20lb!! which is alot!! So dont beat yourself hard for it..just to balance it out tomorrow!!
  12. You have done so well!! Dont worry, one sandwich will not do much damage xxx
  13. actually the stress you are putting yourself through over this one sandwich is worse than the actual sandwich, kwim?

    STRESS is the number 1 factor why people put on weight - hormons in your body just keep whatever you eat, even if it just a sandwich. enjoy that you had what you wanted, and don't think about it. tomorrow, you won't even notice! and congrats on your weight loss, don't start to panic over 'normal' eating - it is very unhealthy.
  14. Don't beat yourself up over this! It's just a minor setback; get right back on track and forget about it.

    I highly recommend the book The Beck Diet Solution; I just started it and it's wonderful! It teaches you to think about eating, food, etc. differently, and I'm already finding myself thinking in a different way.
  15. It was just a P&J sandwich..not like you had a couple of them. Don't be so hard on yourself..you're doing great!