I feel like obsessing today - wanna help?

  1. I'm still waitlisted for the shearling Thunder, which is due to come out on November 1. We haven't really talked much about the mono shearling -- though I recall a good number of tPFers posted that it wasn't their cup of tea. I think this is going to be one of those bags that is much better IRL but still only appeals to certain people.

    Anyone else waiting for shearling? And if you're not, have you thought about how toasty the shearling will keep your iPod and cell phone on those really cold days? (Okay, that's not much of a justification but any little bit helps, right?)

    There's a really nice picture of the Thunder in the October issue of In Style and it's helping me get a little more enthusiastic about the bag. I was having second thoughts back in September.

    Okay, enough Restricter Rambling. Your thoughts?
  2. I haven't seen it IRL .. when my SA had showed me the lookbook my DH had stopped him on that page saying what about this one ... I do sorta like the looks of it but without seeing it would have to say it's really gotta wow me to justify that price. I think it would be a fun bag and very seasonal - perfect for winter!
  3. i'm not sure. im gonna have to see it IRL before i make a firm judgement on the bag. for now i will use my right to remain silent!!~ lol.
  4. I live in Vegas, so I don't think shearling would work here. I'd feel like it was too much for winter. I'm waiting for the grey inclusion.....kind of obsessing on when it's going to be released.
  5. Yeah, same here. :p

    I'm not sure if any Texans will buy this bag since it's hot almost year-round?
  6. From the photos, its a great looking bag. The shearling does limit it to fall/winter though. I love the shape of it, wish theyd make a black MC Storm and other patterns w/out shearling. Its gorgeous though!
  7. It's only my opinion and I haven't seen it IRL but I'm not a fan of the Shearling I think it's the crinkley outside, I do like the idea of it having all the wool on the inside but just imagine if something leaks eeekk!!

    Bf really likes it
  8. I'm in NYC, where it's supposed to be cold but we've been having bizarre heatwaves. You raise an excellent point, John. If it's not that cold, is it really worth dropping that kind of money? Then again, it's always freezing in late Jan/early Feb - and my poor iPod freezes while I wait for the train.
  9. Haven't seen it.. pics?
  10. It's not my thing, but I do think it is unique. Can't wait to see pics once anyone gets it though!
  11. I absolutely LOVE the design. I imagine it looking amazing in light snow, the furry accents on the bag complimenting the snowflakes along with a matching off-white to white, beige or brown with discreet shearling trimmed cotton coat.

    It's a very seasonal bag IMO and cannot be used during the summer. It will look very strange. Another con is that the chearling might be hard to keep clean, especially if you got one of the bigger bags carrying it as a handbag.

    I was thinking of getting something in this line if I didn't manage to get the fourre tout, so I will be passing on it now. However, I would advise everyone to get it, as it is truly gorgeous. What's also nice about most of the pieces of this fall is that they aren't that trendy. I can see the mirage bags being more of classics than what we usually see on a runway and the same goes for shearling. It's a classic monogram and the shearling also stays more or less prominent in the fashion scene as long as it's not overly done.

    GETIT! :nuts:
  12. I really like the shearling line....Fendi made a bag like this last year and I almost bought it....but it's true, its a VERY seasonal bag, and where I live, there's basically little to NO winter !!

    LOL, I think some of the Canadian tfpers here should get one though !!!!!
  13. I'm with everyone else who lives in a warm climate....:nogood: