I feel like I'm cheating on my Gucci!!

  1. Okay my hubby thinks I'm looney. My parents got me a Gucci Pelham last year and I adore it. I just bought myself my first Chanel (a petite shopping tote) after Christmas.

    Do you rotate carrying your bags a lot? My hubby got me a super cute Tory Burch for x-mas and I want to carry it too!

    Can I just carry them all? My LVs too?! And I don't have alot of bags...Ha ha!
  2. I rotate all my bags all the time, specially because I have a few different colours I have to wear what matches my outfit.....

    I love the pelham by the way!
  3. I wish I had more arms so I could carry all my bags at once:lol: I rotate my bags every month. I have a Pelham too and I love it!! I think it's my favorite bag :love:
  4. I rotate constantly.... variety is the spice of life. That is what I tell myself when justifying buying another bag as well!!!
  5. lol- don't feel guilty, the more the better. :smile:

    I rotate my bags daily, I have lots of LV's but also carry Gucci, Fendi, and Dior.

    I'm thinking of adding Chanel next, and perhaps the "H" brand one day... (a girl can dream, just don't tell dh, lol!!).
  6. i rotate often. usually to go with my outfit. but lately i've been carrying my fendi - only because its big, convenient, and i'm usually running late in the morning and its right there in my face, lol
  7. here here!! and with my wallet fetish...I just throw all of the wallets in a bag and keep it moving!
  8. I love getting a new wallet!

  9. wow, you carry ALL your wallets?!?! that must make for a heavy purse! :wtf:
  10. haha OMG soo funny! i stray from gucci with LV but it's ok because they are cousins... lolz Hmmm.... i want a chanel too but i have to wait.
  11. Girl I cheat ALL.THE.TIME and lately its been that Christian Louboutin is getting all my bag $ LOL
  12. Ah yes, variety is the spice of life, especially with bags. I find I like to rotate depending on my 'bag mood'. I may carry my Gucci for a week, then move on to something else. I have my fav's and I find rotating helps me appreciate each one more.
  13. I rotate bags depending on what I'm doing (nice bags do not go to nasty places), the season and the weather. My exotics only come out on sunny summer days.