I feel like Im being scammed

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  1. So I sold on ioffer (dont kill me) a bag that I received as a gift.
    I had a seller make me an offer etc. and I shipped last monday with tracking and DC.

    I then communicated this to the seller (when I shipped, and the tracking #s)
    The packaged arrived on Saturday.

    Saturday night i get an email from the buyer saying they were out all day and that the packaged that I sent was opened and that the bag wasnt in it etc. And now they are requesting a refund.

    I dont feel that they are being honest because in their email they asked that I buy something from their store and that there was only package peanuts in the shipping envelope. However, I only used bubble wrap to ship. Is that my fault? I mean if someone stole the items, shoudlnt the police be notified? Because technically if someone opens your mail that is a federal offense.

    Anyway, they have opened up a dispute with Paypal, and being that i am still fairly new to paypal, Im not sure what to do. What happens if i just have Paypal deal with it? Because now I will be out the bag as well money.

    Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. If the TOTAL purchase price of the bag INCLUDING INS, Shipping, etc was LESS than $250, and you got delivery confirmation, then you can prove to PP that the item was delivered. If the TOTAL purchase price INCL INS, shipping, etc was $250 OR MORE, you were required by PP to get SIGNATURE confirmation, and if the buyer says not received, PP will likely side w/ the buyer.
    What was the TOTAL price of your bag?
  3. I sold it for $30. Not that much. But still, everything was shipped. And it was delivered.
  4. I would call PP and talk with them. I assume that you can provide proof of delivery...?? See what PP has to say, may not be worth a $30 fight, TBH, depending upon what PP says and what type "proof" they may require.

    Don't sell on i-offer. Join Bonanzle.

    Also.. just a word of precaution, anytime I ship anything, I take photos of the item going into the box AND of the box sealed, showing the buyers address. Just in case of incidents like this.
  5. you should be able to prove your point if you have the receipt as the receipt will show how much the box weighed. the bag would have added weight to the box.
  6. ^ good point !
  7. I cant stand people who scam, its disgusting. I am sorry for your problems. Sometimes its easier to just cut your losses than deal with people like that, sadly.