I Feel Like I Just Got my 1st Ever LV at a Discount *REVEAL!*

Hello Everyone,

Before I reveal to you my new LV baby, I just wanted to share a little story with you. I've never really been into Louis Vuitton handbags before and I've even told myself that I would never buy one unless it's a leather piece because so many women here in Toronto carry an LV canvas piece. I've visited the Louis Vuitton forum occasionally to see everyone's lovely reveals and I've visited the Louis Vuitton boutique a couple of times to see their handbags, but never budged a bit to purchase one for myself. I'm usually a Balenciaga lover so Louis Vuitton is quite a drastic change.

So one day I was browsing through the forum and saw this beautiful handbag in an exquisite colour! I felt like I just had to go see it for myself. I went to the Yorkdale location and they were always so so busy to the point that the service was not on par with other luxury labels. I was really disappointed and said to myself that I wouldn't purchase anything from the Yorkdale location. I finally got the courage to go again into the Yorkdale location to inquire about the handbag and availability and was told that it was sold out Canada-wide and that it hasn't even been ordered in yet. I placed my name for a reservation (both at the Yorkdale and Bloor locations) for the handbag and waited and waited and waited.

Browsing through the Louis Vuitton forums again and found out that there will be a price increase on all handbags. I thought to myself 'great, no LV for me'. So price increase happens and I said to myself that I won't be buying any LV handbags after all.

Last week I got a call while I was at work and I couldn't pick it up so I received a voicemail message. It was from the Yorkdale location. Surprisingly enough, the Bloor location called me as well but didn't leave a voicemail message. The kind gentleman that left the voicemail message said that the handbag that I had on reservation has come in and he informed me of the recent price increase. He also said that if I was still interested in the bag and be able to come in and pick it up, he will honor the original price for me!

Now, at this point I was contemplating because the week before I bought a beautiful Balenciaga mini and did not want to buy another bag in such a short time frame. I thought about it and said 'hey, I'm getting a beautiful brand new LV handbag at a discount, what the heck!' ;P it will also be a nice treat for me since it's my big 2-5 birthday next month.

I went to Yorkdale today to pick up my beauty.

Anyone up for a reveal?! =D
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