I feel like I am in heaven with this Legacy pieces!!!

  1. I have been drooling for the past week about Legacy pieces at the outlets. First of all, I live 5 hours from one and worst part is THEY DO NOT SHIP :sad:. All I did this morning is call the outlets in Michigan. I talked to this very friendly and helpful SA at Howell. I told her to save 2 bags for me so my aunt or cousin can pick it up just in case they ever go to the outlet this weekend. After I got off the phone with Rachel, I called my cousin right away..didn't pick up, she works the night shift. I called my aunt, same thing..maybe still at work. I am doomed to pieces :sad:. I called my other aunt and she can't talk to me for a long time because she is going to Lansing and plus she didn't charge her phone. Oh boy! What am I going to do. I called her again in 45 mins. Here's our conversation:

    ME: Tita (meaning 'AUNT'), I have 2 questions..please do not hang up on me. Are you on your way to Lansing, right?
    AUNT: Yes
    ME: Are you going to pass any outlets at all?
    AUNT: Yes, in Howell (this time, my heart is about to burst of happiness)
    ME: Is there a way you can pick up 2 bags for me at COACH? PLEASE? (begging so hard)
    AUNT: Of course! I have to drop by there anyway. Good thing you called me.

    I am so relieved!!! I can't believe my luck :yahoo::wlae:. So here's my beauties (got this from eBay)

    10341 in Khaki and black trim (does it remind you of Carly? ) $295.20 retails for $698

    10331 in Whiskey --the last one they have $331.20 retails for $798

    They also have extra 10% OFF today until Sunday. I am so glad I belong to this forum. Thank you so much everyone for being a very good ENABLER!!! BTW, I asked her 3 questions :smile:
    10341.jpg 10331.jpg
  2. Big congrats to you! The legacy stuff is sooo gorgeous, and while they have been plentiful at the outlet this week or so, they are going fast, so I'm glad you picked up some gorgeous pieces.

    I imagine these will be in bigger demand after Christmas when the supply runs out.... so happy for you!
  3. congrats....i LOVE the satchel. and i know how it feels to want a bag that much so im glad things worked out and you're getting them!
  4. Glad you were able to get in on the good deals too!:woohoo:
  5. Congrats on getting in on the Legacy! Love the satchels!
  6. Beautiful! That's such great luck to have everything work out for in getting them!!
  7. congrat's, two great bags.
  8. I just knew I should have gone to the Howell outlet. They usually NEVER have anything good. Congrats to you for getting great buys!
  9. congrats...i saw these at the outlet and ALMOST got one...but i was so indecisive that i ended up leaving!
  10. Thanks, everyone! I just talked to my Aunt and she has the bags!!! I can't wait to see it.
  11. I go to Howell all the time now and was SO happy when the outlet opened. I went to Birch Run a few times, but it was just too far. There is a great Thai restaurant in downtown Howell, Thai Cafe.

    Congrats on your purchases!
  12. They don't have any at my outlet =( I am so bummed.
  13. :smile::woohoo:
  14. I was there in Sept. and was not even aware that they have COACH. If only I knew. We also used to live there in Ann Arbor but my husband got a job here in MS. My parents are still in Waterford and the rest of my family in Livonia and Grand Rapids. I miss it there so much.
  15. I am so happy for you!! You are so lucky to have such a nice Aunt