I feel like getting a Paddy and silverado AGAIN!

  1. I sold my 2 paddy ( white, tan) and 2 silverado python ( both brown) at ebay a while ago.. and then I got myself a edith.

    But somehow I dont really enjoy the edith, I still prefer a shoulder bag! and I missed my paddy and silverado a lot!!!

    Should I get a brand new paddy or silverado python again? or just get a used good quality one from ebay? what color shall I consider?

    I think I am so stupid since I purchased them like half year ago and the price was much cheaper than the current price (some of them I bought from HK and Brahain) .. I sold them all and lost around 300 at least USD on each.. now I would like to pay the current price to purchase them again??!! :mad:
  2. Go get a paddy! You already know you love the style, and get a totally different color than before. They are just fabulous bags, but you already know that!
  3. You could also get access to the Marketplaza here if you don't have it yet. There are several nice Paddington and Silverado bags for sale. Instructions to apply are in the General Discussions thread. And I'll bet you could find one under retail too!
  4. Thanks roey,

    I just submitted my application for the trade forum. I hold i can get some good deal from here.

    Yesterday I spotted a silverado python bag in beige color, brand new on ebay for 950 buy now. but i am not 100% sure about the authenticity so I didnt bid. but today it sold already!! OMG i missed the good deal!!

    My dream color for the python silverado will be either beige, brown or metallic brown!!

    For the paddy i need to do some reserach since they launched quite a lot of new color recetly, I think I will prefer something like dark red or chocolate brown since white is a bit hard to take care from my experience.
  5. I seem to recall that Angstofgumby was selling a brown python silverado (NWT).
  6. Angst has a two-tone chocolate python silverado for sale in the marketplaza. It's beautiful!!!
  7. We are not supposed to talk about the MP on the Boards ladies.