I feel like EVERYONE ELSE dresses so cute and -perfect-.

  1. Okay, so the biggest reason why this is a bit true for me is because I spend ALL my money on bags. So I don't spend a lot on clothes and sometimes have to plan my outfits and reserve some specifically for weekends only. It's really sad! However I just graduated college about a week ago so as soon as I go on full-time I can have some extra money to build up my wardrobe.

    So anyway, I feel like every time I go out, every other girl is dressed SOO cute and so nice. Like I don't feel confident. Perfect accessories, so cutely put together, like some outfits I see girls wearing I would only wear on like a Saturday night, not a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon.

    Does it take a long time to really build up a wardrobe? Some people I think are just born with good tastes and have no problems with putting outfits together. I think a lot of girls my age (22) are still getting gifted a lot of really nice things from parents and maybe that's part of it, too.
    But I feel like I'm starting from scratch, like I have to learn what works together and what is best, etc.

    For example I have fallen in love with the Juicy sweat suits that I used to hate but now love-- I really love them. And Ugg boots, which I purchased but returned because I couldn't get such simple popular boots to work for me. And now you can't find them anywhere because of X-Mas! And I bet like a MILLION other girls have already worn the JC and Uggs for years (and still do) and are so far ahead in what works and what looks cute. Like I don't even own either of those yet, for example, and millions of girls have already "been there, done that!"

    Like I feel clueless as if I don't know how to dress myself! haha. I don't know if anyone else feels this way as well?
  2. aww Im sure you'll be fine. Try Macy's- they have personal shoppers there that can help. Good lines there- Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, Liz Clairborne. Try reading magazines like Instyle, etc and use those to help develop what works for you :smile:
  3. Just because "millions of other girls" wear their Uggs and Juicy, doesn't mean everyone likes them and has them! People all have their individual style, and if cookie-cutter outfits and the fads such as Uggs aren't for you, experiment! That's the fun thing about figuring out your style, everyone can make their own work. Take Mischa Barton for example... her style is kind of bohemian (don't shoot me) hippie-ish... Is it BIG? No! But she pulls it off well IMO.
    Read fashion mags for ideas. Try on different types of clothing- I thought voluminous tops looked frumpy and whatnot but when I tried them on I loved it, not to mention it was comfortable! Remember to start out with staples/basics too, like plain solid colour tops. It's no fun when you buy an expensive, gorgeous sweater and you don't have anything to layer it with!
  4. Macys is the only place I really shop, I feel like I have to expand my horizons. I wear DKNY that I get from their juniors dept. as well as American Rag and their Hydraulic jeans.
  5. one magazine i love to read that is just easy to follow is people style watch it's my must have magazine. WHats ur personality like??? maybe i can help u out with ur wardrobe i am sorta a personal shopper for my friends and fam. If u feel like it u can pm me. There was a point in my life when i was stuck in uggs and juicy i loved it but i didnt get the same service in stores and ppl werent as nice to me as they are now since i started dressing all cute and fun.
  6. I get some tips from the tv show "What not to wear"
  7. I don't really think I became "fashionable" until about a year ago. My inspiration came from my work place because I sold clothes all day. Just try to surround yourself with fashion. Go out and shop. See what trends stores are displaying in their windows. Notice what other people are wearing and how they're putting everything together. Also, check out magazines. My favorites are Allure and In Style.
  8. Another thing you should do is take a fashionable friend shopping with you. My friends love taking me shopping because I like to put together looks for other people. It's great because I feel good about helping someone and NOT spending money on myself. It's a great activity to do with a close friend because you get to spend the whole day together.
  9. If you want to look put together and cute you'd have to get your mind off those uggs and especially the sweatsuits, juicy or not. You have to start building a wardrobe the smart way by having nice basics that fit you perfectly and then work trendy stuff that catches your interest into those.
  10. So so true... I always gravitate towards the bigger things and I can't always make them work or they are just ONE nice article in my wardrobe and then that's it.

    Tonight I went out and bought a couple things... I didn't get basics but I need to so bad. I did however buy a really cute oversized button down sweater that I'm excited to wear. And of course, I have nothing to wear underneath it!
  11. IMO, I think you are comparing yourself to others a bit too much and I don't think you should. You never know who is envious of you and what you have! I understand your position though, I am 28 now, but when I was 22 I was still trying to figure out my style. I love UGG's too, but they just don't work for me and who I am so that is a trend I pass up and admire on others.

    I KNOW that you will find your style, it just takes some time and $$$$. To dress really well IMO, it is all about knowing how to dress high and low and where your high and low is. For example, I always feel if you have really great bags and jewelry (Don't scrimp there, these are the WOW makers to me) you can wear pretty much anything on your body (within reason). Invest in great pieces that you love and fit you well. Focus on quality and not quantity. There are things I have had in my closet for 4-5 ears now that people ooh and ahh over. If it doesn't quite fit, or really isn't you then put it up, otherwise you will think to yourself "why did I buy this?" and it really will be a waste.

    I think many women your age are a little wasteful in this way because they haven't learned their style yet. It is going to be trial and error. The best dressed women to me are not trend slaves, but have good taste. I think good taste can be learned, you just have to put some effort into it.

    Good Luck finding your style!
  12. My advice is to start at outlet stores and build up the basic colors/designs. Some pieces never change b/c the designers repeat the same styles over and over again year after year with very very slight changes. Once you've bought enough of those you'll get a feel of what you like and what you don't. Also you would have gained a lot of experience from shopping and would get a better idea as to what you like, what fits you, and what is in style. Once you get these basic colors you should move up to a dept store and spend on the items that are seasonal/trendy. B/c you've built up your basic wardrobe you'll get feel that there is a significant overlap of items in your wardrobe and in the store.... as a result, you'll probably be spending less money on things you would have normally paid a lot more for. At this time, you should just focus on a few pieces that are in style for the current season and won't make it past the next. This is probably the best way to minimize the pressure on your bank account and at the same time build up a decent wardrobe.

    Shopping is trial and error experience. Unless you have a real expert (like those guys on what not to wear), the average person or personal shopper will not be good enough to pick out stuff for you. They'll probably end up picking up what's good for them...but you have to buy things that fit you and look good on you.

    Also as many have suggested here on this forum, you should look at fashion magazines often to see how the models dress. It's not very hard to find a good piece...what's hard is to have that idea in your head as to how you'll match up the piece you saw with what you have in the wardrobe and vice versa. This skill takes a lot of time to develop.
  13. depends on what your looking for. if you need classic more adult pieces, id start with a store like BR or JCrew. then add some fun with colors and patterns from boutiques. its all about finding your own style. I started in my junior year of college, and the more u play with it the happier you are. if u like plainer clothes, but fun bags and shoes, go for it! if you prefer color and pattern, then go for that. either way a whole lotta shopping lies ahead of you, so have fun with it!
  14. try shopping in stores you wouldnt normally go in, you might be surprised what catches your eye. try shopping with a friend who has a totally different style to you. also find what colours and styles suit you, personal shoppers are great for this.
    i used to feel like i was stuck in a rut but the last year iv really tried to broaden my fashion horizons. iv found a style that suits me and im on a roll.
    i know its a hassle but im a big fan of taking things home to try on with different items i own and if theey dont work just take them back.
  15. My style is very California Casual (I grew up there) and living in Oregon is not much different for me. Jeans, hoodies, sweaters, flip flops year round -those are staple items in most girls' wardrobes. I own all these things in multiple colors and styles and added ballet flats as a staple to my wardrobe as well as sundresses for summertime.

    The difference-maker for me is neat vs. sloppy. One can be 'sloppy' in a neat way, if that makes sense. It's not about tucking in shirts and ironing your clothes - it's putting on things that fit, color schemes that work well together along with some risk taking to do something new - but always for me, I go to things that I know make me look good and feel good. Even if I am wearing a hoodie over a tank top with jeans (what some may think of as sloppy), I get compliments on my outfits because I take the time to think about what wash of jean compliments my body best, and what colors look best with dark vs. light wash, to set each other off in the right way. Also, a more fitted hoodie looks neater than one that is 3 sizes too big, jean hemlines that aren't dragging on the ground, etc. When I buy things, I imagine how many outfits it will go with or make new ones of, and that way when I want to wear a specific shirt or sweater, I can pick the right things to go with it that will look fabulous. I started doing that several years ago and it makes things a lot easier. It used to take a lot of effort and now it is like second nature.

    If you have a hard time finding the right fit for clothes, take the time to invest in alterations -they do help a bunch and make it worthwhile.

    Also, keep the great bags for sure! Bags and shoes make a white tshirt and jeans look super fab all the time. Find something that you like to accent - maybe you like how your hair looks and do a lot of creative things to it and people notice it. Work it, and don't worry about your outfits so much. Too many 'wow' factors in every aspect of apperance can be overkill, if you know what I mean.