I feel like clean sweep has been to my house! Just gushing a bit!

  1. The dangers of collecting :shame::upsidedown:.

    My doll room seriously looked like those rooms on clean sweep, where you can not walk in the room and every available inch was covered in dolls, boxes and piles of doll stuff...not only that, dolls had wormed their way in to almost every room of my house. I am not kidding...it is a disease! You know when you have boxes of dolls stashed in the china cabinets in the dining room it has gone too far. With the down time on tPF and a scheduled pick up from Hope charities I decided to get my rear in gear.

    I am strangely proud to say my living room, dining room, family room, garage, and my two younger boys rooms are now doll free. (yes I even had stuff stashed in the boys closets!) Our large linen closet was about 80% full of dolls, now that it down to under 50%. You can actually walk in the doll room and sit on the futon, and move around.

    I am back to work today, and hope by the end of today the office will be doll free too.

    I am not saying there still isn't a lot there is...but at least it is 'almost' contained to one room and that room is clean!!

    I will post pics tonight or tomorrow when it is done...until then I off to another tPF free day...this time self imposed.

    See you all soon!
  2. Tink, you're too funny! So that's what you were up to during tPF time-out time!! I wanna see pics when you're done!
  3. haha can't wait to see this huge doll collection!
  4. Me too! Post pics!!!
  5. haha cant wait for the pics either!!
  6. Maybe the soldiers would like a few dolls? ;)

    All kidding aside, I think dolls are just one of those things that take over your life. Every person I know who has collected them has a room stuffed full of them!

    Congrats on your accomplishment with your doll room :smile:
  7. Well,other than about 20 minutes for lunch, I have not stopped moving all day. I just sat down. I have about 15 minutes and then I have to start dinner. I worked for about 11 and a half hours...but I got side tracked on my 7 year old sons room. I don't know what's gotten it to me...now I have 3 boxes of toys to be donated and 2 boxes of clothes from his room...:sweatdrop: and 2 trash bags for hubby to dump at work tomorrow..phew! We have too much stuff!

    I ended up taking more of the linen closet back for dolls...lol, but the doll room does look better, but not quite picture ready yet...hopefully tomorrow...because very little tPF for me until I am done, or I will never finish.
  8. Congrats! I keep hoping I get a clean-sweep drive soon. Do show pics!
  9. Sounds like you were busy during the tpf downtime. Congrats!!