i feel like buying a.... aurelia GM MC :p

  1. [​IMG]

    any opinion about this bag???
  2. I love it, and it has always been on my list of possibilities.
  3. I have one... it's HUGE! I haven't even worn it out yet... I would go to a boutique and look at one, before buying it. There are only a few remaining in the country, so it may be hard to locate one that's close to you. It's GORGEOUS in black though!
  4. And by the way.. LVs site is wrong, so the picture you posted is of the PM, not the GM. To view the GM, choose the white color, not the black!
  5. is it about the same size with the neverfull GM (in open position?)

    is this the right GM one?
  6. it's gorgeous, get it!
  7. It's bigger than the Neverfull GM when it's open and yes that's the right size! :smile:
  8. wow.... bigger than neverfull GM is HUGEEEEEEE!!!! :p
  9. Haha you might love it though.. it depends on your love for BIG bags!
  10. It's a verrry gorgeous and breathtaking bag! I would sooo get one if I was a girl! :p
  11. I think it is very pretty. I'd like the smaller one for myself!
  12. it's a beautiful bag, if you can go to a boutique and try it!
  13. it's a gorgeous, I have one MM in black. GM is really big...
  14. IMO this bag is a little heavy and the shoulder straps is too short for me......
  15. thanks for the opinion... i'll def go to the boutique and see it on me :smile: