I feel like a Princess!! Outlet Finds! Many pics


Team Haverchuck
Aug 1, 2010
I have to preface this post by saying that my ass is broke lol - I get my Coach bags from yard sales and thrift shops, and it takes a LOT out of me to splurge like this - but geez, what a SALE they had going on! This was Saturday.

I ended up over at Woodbury Common - an outlet center in New York to do Xmas shopping yesterday. Got there when they first opened up in the morning, and as I walked into Coach, they handed me a 30% off coupon. Then I spot a section in the back that is marked down to 50% off!! SO many bags, and at prices that I could afford! I truly have to say that I feel amazing and so excited that I could afford these gems! (and slightly guilty that I bought them all for myself around the Holidays, so one will be for my mom for xmas):yahoo:
I ran around like a crazy woman for about 15 minutes, and ended up with three amazing bags on my arm, and a scarf for one of them, cus it just looked damn cute with it! By the time I left the store, there was a line wrapped around and around and a huge wait just to get in the doors. I'm so glad I got there when I did because I'm sure nothing would have been left if I showed up later.

First bag - a large patent leather Zoe which I found buried in the sales, only one there, regularly priced at $498 I think - got it for just around $100 (normally $498, marked down to $290, then 50% off that so it was $145, then 30% off that which made it about $101)

Then Big Red here - I have no idea the style name of this one, but it's cute!! This one will be a gift for mom. This, plus the scarf came out to $135.

And last, another I'm not sure of the style name - I was debating over whether I should get the camel/whiskey all leather one, or the sateen - normally I'd pick leather over fabric any day, but this one just really looked so much prettier than the others. I believe this one was about $100 after the discounts.

And that was my extraordinary Coach outlet experience!
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Jun 18, 2010
WOW! Gorgeous! I'm glad you had a great outlet experience! Those are beautiful bags. I love how you added the tartan ponytail scarf.

Beautiful purchases. Congratulations :smile:


Aug 12, 2009
You got some great prices !!!! Lucky you!!! The Red Patent is so lovely and the pony tail scarf looks great with her!!
The Zoe and MFF Sabrina are very nice too!!!

Lynne :biggrin:

Jersey Girl

Sep 26, 2010
Great outlet finds and great prices! I have the Ashley in black leather and it's a great go to bag. I also have that tartan pt scarf and I love it!

I'm sure your mom will love her red bag! Congrats, great shopping trip!


Jun 12, 2009
New York
You did well at the outlet! I love the scarf around the red bag, very beautiful! I also love the Zoe and Ashley in black. Congrats and enjoy them!