I feel like a posting piggie today! Need opinions though...

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  1. I've been sitting on the bed with my little guy all day taking care of him and his new ear infection, and he's sleeping alot so here I am, posting again! My question - what color accessories would you use with the blue slim Carly? Im kind of at a loss on this one. I was thinking maybe chocolate brown or black, but I dont know...I guess it would help to have the bag in my hand so I can see the actual color. Anyway, just trying to think if I have appropriate wallet/wristlet for makeup/coin purse since Ive never had a bag anywhere near this color. Thanks for your suggestions! Oh, and I'm planning to check outlets on vacation for accessories that I dont have so Ill take specific recommendations!! Heres the bag again for reference.

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  2. Actually, possibly even the 2007 watercolor stripe would look good too...or maybe the Scribble??
  3. OOh nice - yes I have a Legacy striped wristlet and a capacity wristlet, I was considering that, but what about a wallet? Do you have a matching Legacy wallet too? If so, I am totally jealous!!!
  4. Haha - we have very similar taste. I was just looking at those on ebay - I started with the watercolor ponytail scarf, and went on to other matching accessories in this line. Its a definite possibility. Do you think they would be too "summery" to use during the fall, though? I may be able to score some of those pieces at the outlet.
  5. Sniped!
    I was going to say this for the summer:

    And this for the winter:

    (Both borrowed pics from ebay)

  6. You know what, I only have the oxford stripe, not the satin Legacy set. I do have the wristlet, wallet, and that same pouch, though... I never got the other because I was afraid I would snag it up, but I think that was a mistake! I really like the oxford, though, with a lot of the leather bags...sometimes more than the satin. At the moment, though, I really wish I had it for one of my bags!! I'll probably end up getting the new variegated stripe..is that the capacity one you have?? I really like that, but I probably liked the look of the older Legacy wallet better.

  7. Yeah, I'm kind of one that usually puts the summer fabric stuff away once fall hits, but I carry all colors of leather except for white even in the fall/winter. I would say at that time, the Legacy stripe is probably better, and I don't know...maybe even the tattersall would look good too?
  8. [​IMG]
    I use my blue french purse with my blue carly, the colors match perfectly.:heart: They might still have some at the outlets.
  9. I've used my Peace Sign Luggage Tag/Charm to hang on the bag and my little tattersall wristlet inside.

    It's a beautiful bag!
  10. I would say shades of blue and white would go best.. I don't know if brown would look well with that shade of blue?
  11. This may sound off the wall but I like navy blue and light blue combinations. The new navy blue carly accessories might work. I hope your kid feels better! Ear infections stink.

  12. Oooo, I like that wallet. I never thought about a Hamptons wallet matching!