I feel like a little kid

  1. on Christmas Eve! Waiting for my Hubby to bring home my perfo musette!!! Will post pics later!
  2. Congrats..can't wait 2 see the pics !!!
  3. Congrats.
  4. I HEAR YOU!!! Can't wait to see pics and CONGRATS!!!:love:
  5. Congrats, Im sure your gonna love it! Cant wait to see pictures!:yes::biggrin:
  6. Congrats!!! Can't wait for the pics!!
  7. Only a few more hours! Yay! I can't believe he's actually buying this for me. But he did pick it out himself.
  8. He usually hates my expensive habits.
  9. Aww.. too cute, congrats !
  10. What color? I bet it's gorgeous!
  11. Fuschia. We looked at the Demi- Lune also but they don't make it in Fuschia which I don't get. I don't like the orange.
  12. I love this bag & have been thinking about it. I don't know if many ladies on the forum have this bag, but I'm anxious to see a pic of yours. I tried it on a couple of weeks ago.It is much prettier in person, & I think very "expensive"- looking. Congratulations.The heels that match it are gorgeous.
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