i feel like a fatty.

  1. i have eaten about a box of cereal today. no milk, just cereal out of the box. i did this on thursday...i hope i dont gain weight :s :crybaby:
  2. what kind of cereal?:popcorn:
  3. sounds like too much carbs to me, try to cut back if you don't want to gain weight!
  4. Fruit Loops, Capt Crunch, Cocoa Krispies, or all Bran? If its the All Bran you might want to have easy access to the bathroom.
  5. lol. i've done this a lot. fruit loops and kix are my faves.

    don't get me started on eating and fat :lol: because today i had

    a chocolate crossiant,
    a bag of baked shrimp chips,
    hot tea,
    four individually wrapped strawberry shortcakes,
    a huge bowl of tom gum yat (i think i switched the words around) with noodles, tons of veggies and chicken.
    chicken satay..three pieces.
    a plate of fried chicken over fried rice..and the dipping sauce was sweet and sour.
    a bowl of rice soup (congee?) with pork.

    and yes, there are days when i eat more...i think the most chocolate crossiant i've had in one day is three.

    so don't feel like a fatty! i'm more so...sigh..i've gotta start excerising :oh:
  6. it was honey bunches of oats.

    whitney - wow thats alot but youre so tiny!
  7. haha! i'm not really. i remember a trip to hong kong, and i was shopping at a boutique w/ my mom and her friend..this is hong kong btw, the city of skinnys.

    and i picked up a top that probably would be equvialent to a x-small here, but my mom's friend looked at me and was like, "are you sure you want it? can you fit it? (more to my mom the latter part)"

    after a few years of letting me shop on my own my mom said, "don't worry, she can fit it, it's just her boobs that are large!"


    seriously when i was younger my mom would always get larger sizes for me because i have boobs and hips...my legs aren't exactly stick thin either ;)

    but fitted clothes give me a better look overall....doesn't make me look fat

    hehe. it's all about clothes and illusion!
  8. ^you look pretty darn tiny to me!

    i so much as LOOK at food and i gain weight. i swear, you would think eating 1000 calories AND working out would help me lose weight, but nooo...(not that i'm bitter, lol)

    oh, but anyways...i think everyone has pig out days. and the next day you're kicking yourself for eating a whole bunch of one thing. but i think an occasional weird eating is okay. usually satisfies a weird craving.
  9. I need to cut back on eating fast food almost everyday... would doing crunches help any? :shrugs:
  10. i'm the same as kallison - i look at food and gain weight. but it also doesn't help that i was raised with some HORRENDOUS eatting habits and a love for fried food (this is the south, after all) and anything with sugar. i've been successful at losing weight, though, and i found that it's ok to be ridiculous occassionally. as long as you're not eatting an entire box of cereal several times a week, don't beat yourself up over it. being good to yourself is about your overall eatting habits, not something you do once in a blue moon.
  11. I agree - there is no point in stressing over it. You just pick up right where you left off. Get back to your normal eating habits, drink lots of water, and do not beat yourself up over it. That sets you up for a negative relationship with food. Food is not the enemy :smile:

    kallison - If you're eating 1000 calories, working out and not losing weight, it's probably because you're eating too little. Your body will eventually go into starvation mode and hang onto what little food and energy you give it. When I was dieting I thought that 1000-1200 calories was the way to go. I didn't lose weight, would get frustrated and try to eat even less. I started adding calories (from healthy, nutritious foods) back into my diet, and the weight started to come off. Try playing around with your caloric intake and log what you're eating and track your progress. Eating a little more should kick-start your metabolism and get the weight coming off :smile:
  12. Don't get me started about the girls in Asia :s.

    When I was assigned to the Asian offices for about three years (18 months in HK and 12 months in Tokyo), people just look at me like an alien because I was 5'7" and a French size 34 (US = 4) and every Asian girls were all petite and fit into size 0 or -2! The shop assistants used to look at me really weirdly when I try on some dresses because my bra size is 34C and the dress would be sticking out unpleasantly because it's designed for a more willowy figure.
  13. I've eaten cereal out of the box like that before. Just don't overdo it this week and you'll probably won't gain anything.

    On a somewhat related note, it always drove me crazy to see skinny little people who eat everything in sight and never gain an ounce. My metabolism sucks... :sad:
  14. I just did that yesterday it was froot loops darn it!!!
  15. maybe it wasn't the entire box but practically:shame: