I feel like a DORK & Loosing my Mables....I "LOST" Daisy

Ok...I've got to post this cause I'm hoping I'm not the only DORK on the planet.

Yesterday I was babysitting my daughters pup Daisy. I put her and my two outside to play. My work phone rang..and I was distracted for about 30 minutes. When I went to the door to let them in..DAISY wasn't there!

I yelled thinking she would come running around the hot tub...but no sign of her. I immediately panicked and ran out the front door (in my pj's I might add). A group of the neighbor boys were playing hocky in the street and I asked them if they had seen her. One said yes..about 10 minutes ago..she was running down the street. I really panicked then. I asked them to please go down the street and look for her while I got dressed and into my car.

Circled the neighborhood several times, asking everyone I came acrossed if they had seen her. 1 lady said yes..she was in her yard a few minutes ago but took off. After looking for about an hour, I called my daughter to tell her (bawling my head off) and she came home right away. We both looked and still no DAISY!. I offered the boys 50 bucks each if they found her. They jumped onto their bikes and off they went..screaming DAISY..DAISY. My neighbors all pitched in and we had about 30 people looking for her. After the second hour, I called my husband to ask..what should I do next. He said.."call the police and see if the dog catcher may have picked her up". I went back to the house...and something in my head said... "GO UPSTAIRS"...

So...I did...opened the bathroom door.. and there she was...Yawning and staring at me like..."WHY DID YOU WAKE ME FROM MY NAP?"

What the???

I must have let her in during my telephone conversation, she went upstairs and the bathroom door must of shut behind her.

I was soooo happy...but then it dawned on me...lord..you have the whole neighborhood looking for her...you just about involved the police...all because you are getting old..and your mind is fried.

Moral of the story I guess is NEVER let anything distract you so much that you totally loose a few minutes of your memory..if anything would have happend to her I couldn't have accepted it...nor could my daughter. She is our little baby..and not to have her in our lives is just not OK....AND...be careful on relying on others "information"...so many had "seen her"...but obviously didn't.

BTW...I fibbed a bit to the kids in the neighborhood and told them she was standing at the door. I gave them each 10 bucks for their hard work. You are the only friends who know the truth...NEVER-ENOUGH is loosing her marbles~!


Chic, not cheap.
Feb 6, 2007
Oh, I think it's a gorgeous story! It's just a sign of you having a lot on your mind...I'd be happy to leave my puppy with you :yes:


Aug 5, 2007
OMG...you poor thing. Bad enough your own dog, but your daughter's. I have 2 acres of electric fence and have, unknown to me, lost power. The little scoundrals couldn't wait...off they go. So I understand the pajama dilema...been there, done that! Funny story with a happy ending, I blame EVERYTHING on menopause, not senility.