I feel kind of bad!


Oct 31, 2006
My friend, who has the same name as me lol! has always been talking about louis vuitton, and how much she likes it. well I've always liked it but never really paid attention. well her husband bought her a mc audra in black, which is fake but she carries it everyday because it has meaning to it, because it was her first gift from her husband, and it's really cute by the way. well so I got my first lv bag, a used papillon, then I got my brand new speedy and she said "I love designer brands, but I can't afford it so my husband got me a coach," I explained that I too have a coach and that it's an awsome brand but I feel bad because she's the one that kind of got me into this lv obsession! what would you do?
coach is great! she should know that!

i do that all the time, where my friends get me into certain things, then i out do their collection tenfold... i dont mean to... i just really like it and then i get lots of it.. when i was in fourth grade my friend had these horse toys, and i liked them too.. so i got every single one within a year....lol...

that was kinda random, but does it match up at all with your story?
maybe you can get her some real accessories so she doesnt feel bad..

but if someone is carrying a fake lv bag, and they pull out a lv wallet, or compact mirror, or cles..it will be assumed as fake..
Or a mono cles. It is not too expensive and she can see/feel the quality of the real. Maybe it will inspire her to start saving for a bag! Believe me, even saving your daily change adds up quick.
You could give the gift to her as a "you've always been there for me" type of thing.
I don't think its too nice if that friend has been a friend for a really long time. Friends are important, they are just like family. And how do you know she would like a pochette. She might already be thinking of buying her own LV purse. So maybe you won't have to buy it for her. Someone might not like a pochette. And that would make you sad if she doesn't like it.
I wouldn't do anything, and there's nothing you can do seriously. Different people have different circumstances and that's just how it is. I wouldn't feel bad if my friend can't afford designer bags. I would feel bad if my friend can't afford to eat.

Instead of a pochette, how about a gift certificate from the mall that can be used in the LV store? Just make sure you wouldn't feel bad if she end up getting the same bag as you LOL.
I wouldn't feel bad - it's not the end of the world if she doesn't have a real LV at the moment. Enjoy what you have and don't worry about it. She isn't "deprived" with her new Coach bag - there are many people in this world far worse off than her. Relax and enjoy yourself.