I feel just awful...

  1. my husband and I had a fight last night, and he slept on the couch and then he left for his planned 5-day skiing trip this morning without saying goodbye. :crybaby: I had no idea he was THIS mad - I didn't even realize he was planning to sleep on the couch, until I woke up at 4am and he wasn't there.

    I don't really want to get into the details, but can I get some hugs? Support? Please tell me this will pass. We've only been married for four months but we've been together for 2 years and we RARELY argue. :sad:
  2. awww... HUGS. maybe you can call him later and see how he's doing on his ski trip so far? i'm sure he'll cool down after awhile.
  3. Awww I'm sorry (lots of hugs for you). I'm in my first year of marriage and everyone has always said the first year is the hardest. Just give your dh a call later and just let him know that you love him. I'm sure that everything will blow over for you guys and maybe with his trip he'll have to some time to miss you and remember just how much he LOVES you!!:heart:
  4. It's great that you rarely fight...be the bigger person and give him a call saying that you're sorry you fought and you love him!
    *big hugs*
  5. I feel your pain. My DH can be such a chick with the silent treatment... but we both love our bed too much to sleep on the couch. Almost 10 yrs of marriage, and some seriously wicked fights - never slept on the couch!

    BUt I def. agree that the best thing to do is to be the bigger person and call him. Don't expect that one call will fix all, but at least you can feel better knowing that YOU'RE trying to make the first step. The first year is SO hard... funny because you expect it to be the best year, full of romance and good times. Not always so. It takes a while to get used to being married. It's normal - don't stress about it. Communication is KEY.

    Wait until lunch time or so - and call him. You'll feel better.

    And BIG hugs. It's tough - you'll get thru it!
  6. Sorry to hear that.
    Can you give us a basic overview of what happened? Do you think this is the tip of something bigger that might need to be addressed through counseling?
  7. Itll be OK....send him I love you balloons to his hotel(if he is in one there!)..and breakfast in bed there...every couple has their fights!
  8. Big Hug, just give him a call, say sorry you two fought, and that you love him. Otherwise both of you will feel sick and miserable for 5 days. Good luck.
  9. Not to worry a quick Im sorry phone call and all the fun he will have on his skiing trip will bring home a happy guy that will be brand new again!
    Lots of ((((HUGS))))
  10. it's ok sweetie...i know how you feel. Maybe he wasn't so mad and just didn't want to bother you while you were sleeping?

    Women, we tend to stress over everything, and overanalyze stuff...i bet he's forgotten about the fight and is having a great time...that's the way my hubby is (which still makes me mad)...lol

  11. Great idea! It will be fine :smile:
  12. Thanks you guys. :crybaby: I'll try calling him tonight... he's got a long drive today to get to where he's going, so he's probably still in the car. I'll call in the early evening if he hasn't called me first and make sure he got there OK and maybe we can at least talk for a minute.

    At least I am not working today... so I can just relax at home and not have to try and be all cheery in the office. Ugh.
  13. Big hugs Ashlend -givehim a ring when his drive is through and just let him know you love him - don't try to resolve the arguement, let him go on his weekend knowing you're love is with him whether you guys are for better or worse!
  14. I agree with everyone about being the bigger person and calling him first. BIG HUG for you! =)
  15. Sometimes, it's good if you let the tension die down a bit before you talk to him.

    I posted a couple of weeks ago when I really was at my lowest because DH and I fought like cats and dogs. I sincerely hope you feel better soon. HUGS***