I feel its my civic duty report any and all fakes that i run across on ebay.

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  1. Am i wrong for feeling this way?:shrugs:
  2. I don't see how that could be wrong at all!
  3. Good for you! Just make sure that it is a fake. There were several posters with listings removed because they were falsely reported.
  4. Trust me dear i know fakes when i see them. However i was a victim of bait and switch before.
  5. As long as your sure it's fake then NOPE! I think your saving countless people from the heartache of receiving their HG only to find out it's a fake.

  6. Many of us report fakes when we "spot" them..it prevents another

    unsuspecting buyer from going through an ordeal.. applaud you for

    doing just that.. report, report, report and thanks for doing so:tup:
  7. Nope, not at all. It's the right thing to do...
  8. As long as you're 100% sure they're fake (and you said you are) then I think it's great! I try to report as many as I have time to.
  9. ITA! Thats great! :yahoo:
  10. You can't be sure nowadays.. especially since people can just steal pictures or do the bait and switch.
  11. Dont get me wrong now. I never said i could spot every fake.lol. You r right its hard with all of the tactics that these scammers are using. But im pretty good at AW :tup:
  12. its perfectly normal i feel the same way , loook at my message under my nickname ;)

    i report tons of fake diors on the forum and on ebay ... sadly the one that i report on ebay almost never get removed or get relisted 3 or 4 times again by the same seller its really frustrating , i hate those nasty sellers :mad:
  13. You go girl!
  14. No, as long as you know it is a fake :smile:
  15. No it's not wrong at all.