I feel horrible, I am such a bad cat-momma!!

  1. I can't believe it, two days ago I noticed my cat limping on her right front paw. Thought, maybe she landed wrong or something. Well, I usually cut their nails (I have 2 cats) every 3 weeks or so - depending on how long they are....well, I just fell sooooooo horrible, I checked out my cat's paw and one of her front nails started growing into her paw! :crybaby:

    OMG, I saw that and I just wanted to cry, I couldn’t believe the nail had grown that fast!! Where as my other cat’s nails seem to grow up and out – hers just seemed to grow inward…

    ...Oh, I just felt so bad- luckily I cut the nail at an angle – worked it out and my poor cat was screaming!!

    Thankfully She is fine now, there was a little blood – but still, I feel awful!!!!

    I am usually very good about cutting their nails too, but if one isn’t long enough at the time I cut them – it gets passed over.

    I love my cats so dearly, they are like my chidren!!

    Moral of my story....check your cats nails often!!!
  2. aww, it was an honest mistake. I'm sure you do, but you might want to get them a nice scratching post to keep those nails trim...less work for you!
  3. Oh wow, I've never even heard of cats getting ingrown nails, most of the time mine have sloughed off their claw sheaths so quickly that you only have to trim them if you want to keep the furniture nice! A scratching post might help, but the ingrown claws seem really odd to me, I wouldn't beat yourself up for not realizing it. Your kitty is fine now!
  4. I'd keep an eye on the rate of her nail growth. You didn't mention how old you cat is, but a lot of middle aged to older cats develop hyperthyroidism, which will eventually become a serious condition, and rapid nail growth can be a symptom.
  5. Ahhhh, you are a good cat-mommy and I bet your cats would tell you so in a heartbeat! The very fact that you check their nails and clip them shows your love for them. As for the one itty-bitty nail that was missed in the last clipping....those things happen! :flowers:
  6. ..Thanks everyone!!!

    Wow, per the comment above I will definitely look into this...my cat is about let's see - we got her in '97 - and she was about 2 years old (don't know for sure, we got her from the Anti-cruelty Society in Chicago) and she was about 2 at the time...so wow, 12 years old!!!

    Thanks again, that makes me feel better...the :queen: (princess) is sitting next to me as usual staring at the wall - purring up a storm!! She's walking normal again, but I will look at the hyperthyroidism - see what that is all about!!

    You all rock!!! ;)
  7. ^^ Sounds like she's at the age where hyperthyroidism should be routinely checked for - its a simple blood test your vet can do once a year. The main symptom is weight loss with an increased appetite but some cats have different symptoms or don't show any symptoms in the early stages. It is very treatable if caught soon enough. Hopefully the nail incident was nothing, but you can never be too cautious.
  8. itsgood2beme, I am happy that your cat is better again!

    I love your Avatar: It is a Herend bunny, right? I live in the country where Herend is made... love it....
  9. Brittle thick nails are one of the symptoms we see in hyperthyroid cats... And like kate79 mentioned.

    It is always a good idea to start a routine vet exam every 6 months for cats 7 years and older. We consider 7 years and older Senior cats, and 10/11 years older Geriatric cats. I know, vet bills can be $$$... Then at least once a year! More than getting vaccines, I would really recommend a senior check-up that includes the vet to exam by listening to heart and lungs, palpate internal organs, and bloodwork (CBC/Chemistry/T4) and urinalysis. CBC can help find out any infection, anemia, allergies; Chemistry panal can tell you some about internal organ functions, such as liver, kidneys, electrolyte balance; T4 is a test for thyroid function; and urinalysis for any bladder infection, kidney function, crystals.

    Back to the original post, when I used to work in general practice, we did see quite a few of those ingrown nails...unfortunately... Glad that you got to get the nail out. Check to make sure there is no infection. I don't check routinely, I just hear them catching on the carpet and that gives me the indication that I need to get my husband to catch the cat and trim, trim.
  10. My suggestion is to go through your agenda (if you have one) and every month or so (or whenever the nails should be trimmed) make yourself a little note. :smile:

    Thats what I do with my dog's stuff, and it works really well!