i feel gross!

  1. .. ok here's my deal! as i've gotten older my skin has gotten more sensitive for some reason. so now when i exercise and of course start to sweat a lot .. i break out in a heat rash in like the little "nooks" of my skin .. [ inside of my arm where my elbow is .. and under my boobs! ]

    .. i feel so gross! i'm a total freak about showering .. i'm a total clean girl! but i feel so gross that this happens and it's only been as ive gotten older and my skin got more sensitive!

    does this happen to anyone else? .. i can't believe i told u all about this .. lol! i feel so gross! :yucky:
  2. Awww...don't feel gross :biggrin: I've always had sensetive skin and when i work out and sweat i get this itch on my neck totally annoying, i'm like scratching like crazy and it get all red and sore, but i use this really good lotion for sensetive skin. But i don't think it will do anything good wearing it before the workout...
  3. I would go talk to your derm about it... I would think he/she may have some sort of cream for it! No worries, it just happens
  4. ^^^^ thanks guys! i'm a teeny bit of a hypochondriac [ who am i kidding make that a HUGE hypo! ] and so the slightest thing will freak me out and so i had a bit of a freak out moment after i worked out .. and i needed to vent to u guys! thanks for listening! .. definitely going to go to the derm though .. just to check it out!
  5. I have gotten the heat rash in skin folds before when I was a lot heavier. I would put a little Gold Bond Medicated Powder in the spots where I was susceptible after showering and drying off thoroughly.
  6. My skin has gotten a lot more sensitive as i've gotten older. I've also developed eczema over the last few years, among other things. Getting older is really the pits! And I'm not that old!
  7. Yes I have had that happen and have eczema. There is a cream called Elidel or something that helps (prescription)

    For the past month I have been itching really bad at night when I'm sleeping, mostly on my torso and back. I will have rashes even if I start to scratch. I think it is because i have been super stressed out and I have such sensitive skin in general. I am going to the derm on Thursday.