I Feel Foolish

  1. I think I bought a broken pochette from let-trade. :crybaby: There is not a ring on one side for the strap to attach to; the strap attaches to the zipper. But there is no cut area, and it doesn't look like anything has been removed or fixed or altered. It just doesn't have anything on the end where the zipper pull is when it is closed.

    This isn't let-trade's fault, as it was clearly portrayed in the pictures (5 & 8). But they had the strap attached to the zipper pull and I foolishly thought it was supposed to be that way. I was so excited that it looked to be in perfect condition and the vachetta was beautiful that I jumped on it before thinking. I guess I learned a lesson, huh?

    I cannot find my camera, but it was item y33 under sold items. I will probably check with the experts here before making another non-new purchase.
  2. I say return it, at least try to send them an e mail or call them.
    but maybe if you return it the shipping would cost u a lot and probably you got it cheap so is not worth it. maybe you can use it as a make-up pochette or something like that ??
    sorry if you are feeling a bit down
  3. Since it was shown in the pictures, would it be unreasonable to return it? It was my mistake. I just don't understand how it can be missing the ring and show no signs of damage or alteration. The ring just isn't there. It also leaves a gap on that end of the pochette when it is closed.

    Anyone know the rate of shipping to Hong Kong?
  4. Hey HauteMama, that's the older style closure without the ring on the side. Your pochette is perfect as it is. =) At least that's what I know for epi pochettes.
  5. Really? That makes me feel a LOT better! The pochette I bought IS 9 years old, and I wouldn't be upset as long as I knew that was the way it was supposed to be. I just don't want to be walking around with something broken...

  6. Yep this pouchette is not broken hunni so dont worry!

    This item can be used as a wristlet bag by altering the strap and attatching buckle to loop where leather tag is allowing you to carry on wrist.

    The other option of using with strap over you attatch clasp to loop of zip.
    I just sold one my self.

    If you look at pics on let trade you can see how it attatches but fear not its not broken.
  7. mas2388 right, HauteMama. I remember I ever had the similiar pouchette, is it Mono Pouchette, right?

    It's nice pouchette , just carry it
  8. :yahoo: OK, I feel even more foolish now for not knowing that, but SO much better! Thank you!
  9. yay!!! =) Enjoy your pochette!!!
  10. congrats! and i learned something new!:biggrin:
  11. Yes... The original pochettes back in the late 80's and early 90's were meant to be pouches to attach to the D-ring. It wasn't untill 1997 that LV changed them to accommodate the now famous pochette over the shoulder small bag.
  12. I just checked the link at LT....nothing to worry about..

  13. Older styles are like that.
  14. Its not broke, the older ones only had a ring on one side.

  15. Yup, I have both styles in Mono... the older one fastens to the zipper pull.