I feel complete!!!

  1. OMG. I feel complete. I have all the bags i want at the moment. I have one for every possible occasion. I still see bags i want and like, but i don't neeeeeeeed them, and i don't truly want them (how boring is that?), so for now i won't be buying anymore bags. I just enjoy looking. I'll list my bags and see if you agree that its a pretty good collection or not!

    Chanel: mini flap in perforated black lambs leather. Special occasions or when i want to add a bit of glam to an ordinary outfit.:heart:

    Luella: medium Joni in black. Perfect for every day when you need to carry everything!!:love:

    Mulberry: Anthony oak darwin leather. Perfect for hands free days.:tup:

    Chloe: bronze metallic paddington clutch. Perfect for evenings when you might want to have your hands free or don't want to put the bag down on a wet pub table (has a shoulder strap).;)

    Lulu Guinness: black embroidered clutch. Perfect because my husband bought it for me all by himself and its gorgeous.:heart:

    Marc Jacobs: Navy Anouk. Pre-loved and a bargain, so perfect for days when i might not be too keen on taking my very best bags but still want designer glam.:smile:

    So what do you think is there anything missing?
  2. well good for you!! hehe..but there will be a time when you lust again!! there was another thread started about this somewhere...lots of the girls who claimed to be "done" have started again!!

    good luck to you though!!:roflmfao:

    and p.s. there isn't anything missing unless YOU think something is missing!
  3. That feeling won't last!!!

    But you do have a nice collection of bags:tup:
  4. Perfect bags! Congrats on being content!
  5. Very nice, congrats on your self-control. ;) It feels like I'm always lusting after something I've just seen, but I hope to achieve that 'completed' status eventually.
  6. Thank you ladies, i'm happy at the moment, been 5 months since my last purchase, we'll see how long i last!!:angel:
  7. I envy the way you feel. I never get that feeling, I always manage to see another bag I want! :blush:

    Enjoy this time!

  8. me too, Isabel !!!!!
  9. You are definitely set!
  10. I feel complete too! And I love it! I realized there is an end to my obsession. I haven't bought a bag in months...and nothing I see on the purse blog or bag snob interests me like it would have months ago. I do have my eye on some Mulberry acquisitions, but only when they go on sale, and that's it. I don't feel obsessed anymore, just interested if the price is right. I'm also ready to sell some bags and part with them. I feel great. I feel free.
  11. Yay, I love the Chanel mini flap :drool: Bit out of my budget though...

    I think you've got a great collection and there's nothing missing, but I'd say maybe your bags might need an LV bag to play with :graucho:
  12. Would love to see pics of your beautiful collection!
  13. That's a great well rounded collection, congrats.
  14. Congratulation on being content. I think I am just far too shallow. I spend weeks yearning for a particular bag or shoes, then once I get it I am content for just a few days. Then I just seem to move on to the next thing I'm yearning for to make my life complete!!!!
  15. I am like this too, I am trying to attain contentment.