I feel certain my 05 city was smaller than my current 07 city...thoughts?

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  1. Anyone else feel the same or can anyone measure for me?

    I had (:noggin:) an 05 Black city...too beautiful, but I convinced myself the city size was just too small for me for as often as I was carrying the black bag. In the meantime, I sell it, but get an 07 city. The size if PERFECT!

    What gives? I didn't have them at the same time to compare, but I know my 05 city was smaller.
  2. Interesting! It just occurred to me that all 3 of my cities (Rouge Vif, Ink, White) are 06, so I can't compare for you, but I'm interested to hear the responses!
  3. No, Michelle, the city size is the same. I also had a black 05 city that I *stupidly* sold. :cursing: What it is is that the leather was so much mooshier in the 05, so it appeared smaller at times. When bags are newer, they look larger since they're not as smooshy. HTH.
  4. there is another thread on this- try searching and see what pops up! :tup: