I feel better than a kid at Christmas! My new Lockit is here!!

  1. :yahoo:I can't stop giggling or feeling giddy.

    My husband keeps looking at me like what's all the excitement about. Men! :::rolling eyes:::

    So I do dog training as a side hobby and my husband finally caved in to let the money coming in from this side venture as my official "purse money" instead of putting it into savings. Well, I finally managed to save up enough money to get my first LV and I chose the Lockit. But narrowing it down to just that one was hard! Phew! I should've of just made eluxury.com my homepage because I was on the website everyday, starting at each purse to make sure I really wanted to Lockit.

    It finally arrived today! When the doorbell rang, I botled from the kitchen table and probably scared the Fed Ex man when I snatched it from his hands! Ha! :shame:

    Here is my first baby...one of the many to come!





    And finally, just one silly pic of my Pug...because he is *the* only one who really understand my passion for LV!
  2. Congrats on your first LV!!! Love the pug
  3. It's gorgeous, congrats!!
  4. Ha! Your pug does not look too excited ! :P
    Congrats! Beautiful first purchase! Enjoy!!:yahoo:
  5. so nice. congrats
  6. It´s gorgeous! Enjoy and gongrats! Love your puggiewuggie!
  7. Your lockit is beautiful! :yahoo: I tried one on at the store and really loved it and your making my decision for a new bag harder!! Congrats!
  8. What a BEAUTIFUL first purchase! Congrats!

    And congrats on getting you dh to do that compromise... sometimes that's the hardest part, harder than saving the $$ for the purchase (at least in my household... he he).
  9. Your pug is ADORABLE!!!:tender: And CONGRATS on your new lockit!!!:nuts:
  10. I know, he doesn't seem very excited there...now this one really shows his excitement!

    I'm so glad I found this forum! It's a very supportive forum with so many knowledgeable members. I can't wait to get more involved and learn so many new things. I'm off to Ikea now to look at wardrobes to store my future growing collection!
  11. Fun.. .I wuv your pug... That's the lockit vertical, right? It's so gorgeous, I want that one toooo... fabulous fabulous bag, how fun to be the first in your collection! Congratufreakinlations!
  12. Congrats! and welcome :smile:
  13. Veronika:

    This is the smaller Lockit. The measurements are 11.4" x 11" x 4.7". I'm petite sized (I'm 5'1), so I thought going with the smaller sized one would suit my frame better.

    Such complicated decisions involved with choosing a new purse! :P
  14. Congrats!!You made a great choice!!:smile: your dog is sooo cute
  15. It looks great! Congratulations! :biggrin:

    Love the Pug too!