I Feel Bad...What Would You Do?

  1. I won a beautiful bag last week on eBay at a very low price. I paid right away and the seller shipped very quickly...perfect transaction. When the package arrived, I noticed the cost of postage on the USPS label was $20.00 more than she charged me. This seller is relatively new with under 25 feedback, all 100%.

    I feel kind of bad because not only did I get this brand new bag for, probably, much less than she paid for it, but she also lost $20.00 on shipping. On the other hand, I also sell on eBay and would just quietly take the loss if I undercharged for shipping an item.

    Would you refund the seller the $20.00, or not, and why?
  2. my boyfriend sells on eBay and he undercharges for shipping frequently. a lot of buyers e-mail or message him after they receive the package, even for 5 dollars, thanking him and offering to refund the 5, 10, 15 bucks. he always refuses, but it's nice to be offered =)
  3. I wouldn't worry about it. I have sold a few things on eBay and sometimes I incorrectly calculate shipping... not to that same degree but I have. If you like her, maybe you should keep her down as a favorite seller. Maybe you will find something you like from her again. Plus, as many times as you get overcharged (I recently paid $20 shipping and actual cost was $4.60), it evens out.
  4. I'd offer. Many times I actually underestimate shipping charges and have told the buyer so (I don't say anything unless it's $10 or up) and the buyers haven't said anything about a refund. Not that I would take them up on it because it was my fault for underestimating the amount, but it would be nice. Unfortunately I've noticed that for some reason, the buyers who end up getting a "deal" on shipping only leave comments like, "good seller" or something similar. Oh well.
  5. It is very nice of you would think of that. It won't hurt to ask the seller if you want to. I believe she would appreciate if you do so. On the other hand, you could leave her an outstanding feedback to help out her future sell.
  6. You could offer it to her.... at least that will make you feel better...
  7. maybe refund half of it?
  8. I recently sold a bag and ended up paying $15 more for shipping than I had originally calculated (I'm a new seller also). I just chalked it up as a learning experience. I actually valued the positive feedback I received almost as much as the money I got for the bag. You would be a REALLY nice person to offer to pay for the extra shipping cost, although in my opinion it's unnecessary.
  9. I appreciate all your advice. I immediately left her stellar feedback, but I think I will offer to refund the underpaid shipping amount as well. If nothing else, it'll make me feel better! Most of us who sell bags do so hoping to make a little money on the deal, maybe to fund a new bag we've been lusting after. Maybe this will be good for my Ebay Karma. Thanks again:yes:
  10. I think you are a really nice buyer.. I had a incident a buyer just think that he can get a discount on shipping and minus $10 from $15 for my item..

    I've even specifically mentioned that it's $15 flat for shipping and handling charge..
  11. I do it all the time!! I always seem to under charge!!! How nice of you to even think about it. I would say do what makes you happy.
  12. Aw how nice of you =). I think as a seller I would appreciate the offer but not actually accept it. I would feel it's just nice to know that there's thoughtful ppl out there.
  13. I would have given her the money too, but I'm always in the minority on these things. I always mention the Karma thing too when people don't understand. It's so nice to see someone do the right thing. There aren't many people like that left.:woohoo:
  14. I agree with the majority - offering to send her the additional shipping would be a really nice thing to do. She probably won't accept it, but if you feel that strongly about it you could just send it to her home address.

    It would also be a really nice way to welcome a newb to Ebay - Ebay needs more sellers and buyers like the two of you and kindnesses should be not only encouraged but rewarded!
  15. This happened to me last week!!! I lost 20.00 on a sale due to shipping...did you buy my bag...ha ha. I just said nothing and am going to be more on top of things next time around as far as shipping goes. I have been selling on ebay a long time...sometimes this happens.