I Feel Bad for My Watch!!

  1. I just bought a beautiful Omega rose gold and stainless watch with a diamond bezel. I love it so much. But now I feel so guilty about my "old" Raymond Weil. I feel like crying when I see on my dresser, unworn, when it has been on my wrist every day for the past six years. It must be my hormones!
    I am not the type to switch off watches. I like to wear the same one every day.
    Do any of you know of a reputable company that buys used watches, preferably one that you have used with good results? Perhaps I would not feel so guilty if RW found a new loving home.
  2. LOL Just remember...it's an 'object'...no feelings there. :smile:

    But I totally understand what you mean.

    You could try eBay or Craigs List I suppose.
  3. I was like that too. After two years of wearing my new Tank Francaise every day I started wearing my old 21 must de Cartier again. And now it feels okay to switch off. I'm enjoying it. Try it.:p