I feel bad for my mom for having a daughter like me

  1. My parents have traveled from HK and plan to stay with us for a bit since the baby is arriving soon. She took me to Neiman's customer service and told me she will pay down my credit card debt:confused1::confused1: I felt SO bad about it but she kept on insisting so i said fine. She does this every time she comes to visit. I guess she still sees me as her little girl..bad daughter bad daughter!

    Now since I have no debt in NM, I order myself a brand new BV; I have been eyeing on this piece for a few months and wanted to get it because I want a large hobo but my local NM sold the last one they had last month and I was so disappointed. I dont know the name of the bag but it's HUGE and NM calls it the braided woven hobo- (they call all hobos made by BV this)..I will post pics once I receive it!

    BTW, my mom is using my Cabat these days and she :heart: it.
  2. Lucky you for having such a genorous mom, My mum never understood my bag obsession.:roflmfao:
  3. I can relate to your mom's doing this. We just want our children happy. Hopefully she doesn't interfere in other things, but this is sort of sweet. How cool that she love the Cabat!!

    BTW, where in NoVA do you live? My son and family live in Falls Church, but they're looking for a larger place probably in N. Arlington. They'd love McLean, but I think it's beyond their range.
  4. She is beyond sweet. My handbag obession is inherited from her. She is a soon to be grandma with great style.

    I live in Vienna, a block away from McLean and Tysons Corner. Arlington is very convenient with lots of young people and hip places to go. I do agree that McLean is a bit pricey, esp if they are looking for a large place. They should consider Vienna too. I love our neighborhood :p
  5. catabie, can't wait to see your new bag! My parents are the same way. No matter how much money I earn, or how well I am doing, they always leave me money when they come to visit! I think it's best they don't ever see my credit card bills or my bag collection!

  6. see i had my NM bill out so she saw it. next time i just need to hide it; i truly feel bad that she paid for the bill.
  7. I know which bag you are talking about. Or, I should say I think I do. Is it woven, with a braided handle. The NM here had it in gray and in a off white color.
  8. Catabie, I wish my mom was even 1% like yours....If I wanted something, I had to earn every penny of it! But that's okay, I just cherish my small collection even more! Congrats on your new bag, please post pics!
  9. Wow catabie, I'm so totally envious. My mum never approved of my arm candy (handbags/totes/hobos/clutches, etc. etc.) obsession. It sounds like the one you're after is called the large veneta. Approx. 19" long. I've fallen in love with it too! :tup:
  10. Did you by chance go to HKIS? I have a few friends who went there.
  11. Catabie, you lucky girl - what a sweet mommy you have.... I'm a mommy too and I think I can relate to that .... would do the same for my boys.... on the other hand, allowing her to do that for you actually does give her some happiness in knowing she has done something for you! But there again, you're such a sweetie too in letting her have your Cabat! Well done, mom and daughter.

    Now, remember to post action pics of your new bag once it arrives!
  12. it's not a large veneta, i have a nero one already :smile: mine is probably twice the size of the veneta and it's simply huge. i will post pics once i receive it. :yes:
  13. OT, catabie, but I'll mention Vienna for house-shopping. My son works in Chantilly. D-i-l went to McLean h.s. and with one child and another on the way they want a really good school district.

    Can't wait to see pics of your bag!!
  14. What a sweet mom! It must have made her feel so good to do that for you, clearing your slate of that expense with the baby on the way. :heart:
  15. Maybe you could give to her as a gift, you have a great mom.