I feel bad about my neck...

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  1. Anyone have read this book...

    "I Feel Bad about My Neck: And Other Thoughts Being a Woman" by Nora Ephron

    It's HILLARIOUS... I keep laughing out loud when I read this book. I meant IN PUBLIC... I can't help it. I'm still 21, and might not be able to relate a lot to her.. but I loveeeeee itttt :heart:

    I bought this book at my campus bookstore.. I read a few sentences and I'm hooked... Especially when there's a chapter on "I Hate My Purse"

    I know you guys purse-lover like me cannot understand that.. but it's really funny how she can see a Kelly and be in totally different light than us...

    GO and BUY it today....!!!

    Seriously, you'll not going to put down the book until you finished reading it... I was so in love with the book that I checked if she has a book signing near my place... Well she has one... in NYC a couple days ago.. *sigh*
  2. That's the same lady behind You've Got Mail and even better-- Sleepless in Seattle! I should totally get this book!!!! :yes: :nuts:
  3. ^^^And When Harry Met Sally. ;)

    I guess Meg Ryan must also like her a lot.
  4. I just read this book on a trip! I got it as a gift from a girlfriend and I think I'm going to give it out as presents myself. It was so funny- a perfect quick read that all women can relate to!
  5. Or the other way around.

    Thanks for the reminder, I saw her on the view and meant to pick it up :smile:
  6. Just added it to my Amazon.com "wish list"!
  7. I got it today, while I was at the mall, saving it for tonight, if I can't sleep :smile:
  8. Yup.. I'm going to give this book for my friends too... It's such a funny great book that I want everyone to read it... :roflmfao:
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