I feel bad about my decision, need help again...

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  1. As you know, I've got your helps on decide between Brea mm or NF+Speedy B. I almost decided that I'm going for Brea since I have too many casual/every day/ work bags so I'll go for something more special. I research here again and again and really like one in rose indian. I called one of my trusted SA at the local department store today and she recommend me this beautiful baby from Saint Laurent. She thought it fit me better because I'm very small and I like strong colors. This will be my only bag this year until Christmas, I want to be extra careful...So is there any of you fell into such situation like me or you just look at LV and go for it? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393104608.450843.jpg
  2. Look at LV and go for it. Get the brea or the nf + speedy b
  3. The Brea really isn't my style bag but I gotta tell ya I was in LV today waiting for my sa to wrap up my things and the indian rose Brea made me double take, it is a beautiful bag and I think kinda special. I would check it out, if your only getting one bag till Christmas that Brea would be amazing:smile:
  4. Thank you

  5. The problem is can not go to the store to try any of them. I have to order by phone. I only see rose indian in the pictures here and agree this really beautiful color, especially in the summer.
  6. +1
  7. I love the saint Laurent bag especially in the blue and green I would get one if they had a store that sold them in Sydney
  8. i would say that you should try not to be influenced by the sa and buy what makes you truly happy. take a little time to consider how this bag makes you feel. if you don't feel thrilled with it, maybe it's best to wait for something that you really fall in love with. best of luck : )

  9. The SA told me that this is the last one they have and its from 2013, I love the color too. I never tried this one before.
  10. Thanks, I usually make impulse purchase :smile:. But this time I have to be careful because I will be on parental leave with very little income, also new family member arrive in anyday, I need some buffer :smile:
  11. That bag is beautiful....love the gorgeous blue!!! I would get the YSL bag, and by Christmas you may have found another LV that you like if new styles are launched.
  12. I think you have a baby on the way (new family member coming any day), so I would get the LVs instead of YSL. Also the LV bags will hold their value while I doubt the YSL will in case you want to sell them down the road.
  13. I think you've subconsciously made your decision by asking this question in the LV subforum. :smile:

    Personally, I'm in love with the blue of the YSL. Actually, I'm looking this bag up right now after seeing yours! I'd take that beautiful blue any day... but it sounds like your heart is aching for the LV.....
  14. Yes, you are right. My thought from the begining was getting NF mm and Speedy b 35 to use as mommy bag. Then I got 3 totes from Coach so I don't think I need more baby bag.

  15. I ask here because there are more active member here than YSL forum :smile:. I hang out here more often. I'm from Asia, where LV is too popular but not YSL. Most of my friends there dislike the cabas. In opposite side, I'm living in Sweden, most friends here like the cabas more :smile: