I feel awful...cut the quick on my doggie's nail and it bled so much....

  1. ...the bleeding has stopped, but it took awhile because once it clotted, she would run around and it would start bleeding again. I am afraid it might get infected. Maybe I should put some neosporin on it?

    I feel like such a bad Mommy :crybaby:
  2. Dip it into clean white flour if you have any, it will help it clot.
  3. Oh smallfry, don't punish yourself too much - it happens!

    Get a small bowl/container of warm water and pour a capful of liquid disinfectant (like Dettol - something that you'd use on a scraped knee) in it. Stand your doggy's foot in it for as long as he'll allow and pat it dry.

    If he starts to lick it, that's ok, as dog saliva is disinfectant as well. You just need to watch out for incessant, obsessive licking and biting - he might end up doing himself more damage if he constantly fiddles with it.

    Don't worry, dogs are resilient and he'll be fine - it's just like a human cutting their nails too close to the quick! My doggy snapped his dewclaw clean off once, because I forgot to trim it. It bled like hell and I felt terrible, but the advice I gave you above is exactly what my vet told me to do.
  4. ooh sorry, I just read your post again - I mean "she"!! I always assume dogs are male because my dog's a boy LOL
  5. Awww its ok! She will be fine! I cut Princess a while ago when I was grooming her! I felt horrible too, but they are quick to forgive & forget!:love:
  6. When Mariah broke her nail really close to the "toe", I called the vet and I only wish my *old* vet gave me that advice instead of making me come in and charging me $100.00 for crap I could have bought at Wal-Mart for less than $10.00! She said a AFTER I paid "If it happens again, just put some flour on it and buy a wrap for her foot and check it often to make sure it doesnt get infected"! I was so pissed lmao! And besides her overpriced fee just for taking the dog in, this incident is the exact reason why she is my OLD vet lol!
  7. Aww poor baby, I hope everything´s ok now!
  8. I've done this and yeah, I always felt awful. Now I take the girls to the vet to do it.

    Have the following items just in case. A shallow bowl of flour, white, unbleached, heck, even wheat flour is fine. Baking soda is okay too. Also a cotton ball and a bit of self sticky athletic wrap. It shouldn't bleed for long, but if oyu have carpets he'll walk on, you want to make sure. Dip the nail into the flour, then put the cotton ball over it, and secure it not too tightly with the athletic tape. Leave it on for a good half hour.

    Weekly trims, just the tip of the nail, will cause the quick to retreat back further in the nail. Some dogs even like their nails filed with a Dremil brand electric hand-held drill/buffer thing. But some dogs hate the noise and vibrations.

    Also running your pups on a hard surface like concrete helps wear them down naturally. Don't forget you'll still have to clip the dewclaws (on the sides) if he still has them!

    AND, you should (EVERYONE with pets should) have a emergency first aid kit with the above items in it along with others like Q-tips, clean rags, a pair of round tipped scissors (Nurses' Scissors are perfect) a plastic bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, (to clean wounds, it doesn't sting, but it does foam up!), a towel or blanket large enough to hold the pet should you need to trandsport him someplace, a spare leash, preferably one with a simple slip noose type collar, a bottle of water, a collapsible bowl, rectal thermometer, pair of grasping tweezers, small pair of wire cutters (for fish hooks, fence peices and "S" hooks on collars), a pen knife, Neosporine for small cuts, Rescue Remedy to help ease a stressful situation, as well as a little flask of something for you. ALso have inside this kit, your dogs name and the name of his usual vet. If your pup also has seen a lucom you like, put his name down too. Keep a copy of ALL of your dogs vaccinations in there, in an emergency situation, you will need to have them.
  9. Thank you all so much for your words of comfort...she is much better this morning!

    i_wona and speedy...what great advice! I really appreciate it :flowers:
  10. This happened one time in the vet's office and they just used a product that men use when they cut themselves shaving and it stopped immediately. Can't think of the name of it though.....
  11. I did that to my dog twice. Both times it bled like crazy and I felt really bad. The first time I used a piece of white bread (it was all I had and was what I was told to use by my Greyhound rescue president). It worked great. The second time I had styptic powder on hand and just dipped his nail in the powder, it stopped bleeding right away. Don't feel bad. They forgive and forget very quickly. Especially if there is a treat involved. :smile:
  12. I just bought a pair of clippers with a 'traffic light' system which detects when it is safe to cut - or too near the quick. Somehow it picks up a signal from the blood in the quick, and the traffic light would then show red, moving through to green when the clippers are repositioned in a 'safe area' of the dog's nail.

    Haven't used them yet though - too chicken since the last time I cut a dog's claw I made it bleed! :wtf:
  13. Hun, we've all done it at one time or another. Last time it happenned to us, poor Leeloo bled sooo much that even daddy (he did the cutting and he's usually very calm where health issues are concerned) was worried and teary eyed. He had a guilty conscience for a couple of days. The worse part is that our princess didn't even cry. She just looked at us with those huge brown eyes...:crybaby:

    We put some pressure on it and some neospiron with a bandaid. It did bleed every time she ran so it was hard to keep it clean.
  14. I know what you mean about feeling like a bad mommy. I am the sort of mommy who gets so nervous and panic when I hurt my furbabies (accidentally of course). There were times when I stepped on Bhobho's tail and I would scream "I'm sorry" over and over to the poor thing. I can't stand looking the pain in his eyes.

    Cutting dog's nails is not that hard once you're used to it. I cut too short a few times although not much blood. Now, I'm already a pro, LOL!
  15. that's why i love dogs!!
    they're so loyal and forgiving!