I feel as though I need to eat the Damier Azur

  1. I have a big problem...If I get anything from the Damier Azur line I may have to eat it. It looks edable. Is anyone else having this problem ?. Looking at some of the pics of it (the ones which people who've got it have posted) it makes me hungry and I feel as though I need to eat. :crybaby:
  2. Lol. I'm drooling as I look at the pics. They are really cute!
  3. :wtf:

  4. LOL I don't feel the need to eat it, but I do feel the need to stroke it... :smile:
  5. LOL...you are one crazy fella..
  6. Lol.
  7. you are too funny! :roflmfao:
  8. i feel that way about regular damier. it looks like a box of chocolates. i love chocolates!
  9. OMG I love white chocolate and I may actually eat the cles, It will be a waste of money but might taste good
  10. :lol:Now that you mention it....I'm reminded of ice cream. There's a half gallon by Hood made of Vanilla and Chocolate in a check pattern. MMmmmm.
  11. now i need to go get it. great. ice cream, and another lv, are not what i need right now! (however, ice cream is more accessible...) :yes:
  12. Too funny. I just want to sniff it.
  13. aint that the truth.
  14. I agree- the bags do kinda look like cakes!
  15. I just want to um...touch it!:nuts: