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  1. Starting With Jungle Love In All Colors!!!
  2. Hermes makes the most beautilful rainbow colour, doesn't it? I don't know where to start when I bought my first too. Luckily I got a really nice SA to help me out. He shortlised a few by asking me what's my favourite colour and then worked from there.
  3. Fantastic! I love Jungle love!
  4. Jungle Love was my first scarf - they had a blue one on the wall at the Hermes store in Glasgow and as I walked past I had that "I've GOT to own that!". My Mum was with me (who normally stops me making impulsive buys) but even she thought it was gorgeous and went up to the SA to ask the price. Seeing it close up I knew it had to be mine so first orange box....

    Then saw "La Vie du Grand Nord" in pink on Ebay and fell in love with that one..only to be bidnapped :crybaby:

    After much searching (and help from this forum), tracked one down to a Neiman Marcus store at the King of Prussia mall in the US and ordered it over the phone (from Scotland - the SA was really shocked!!):nuts:

    Next came "Le Toits de Paris" which I saw on the Hermes website and bought on a business trip to Glasgow a week or so ago...it's the one with the light blue edge.

    Finally, just bought "Le Treve du L'Eau" from Ebay in a lovely blue colour. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Have a trip to Paris booked for September so no doubt the collection might just expand slightly! :roflmfao:
  5. Once you purchase one scarf, you're hooked. I don't know if you've been to the Vienna, VA store, but the SA's there are wonderful. They love taking out the scarves and telling you the stories about each one.

    Welcome to the "fold".