I feel a pur-chase coming on and I need help!!

  1. So I've recently decided to get a Chanel bag instead of the Marc Jacobs little Stam.

    I want either the classic flap bag or the reissue,and I don't want it in a dinky little size because I'm quite curvaceous and don't wish to overwhelm a dainty bag:amuse: .Plus I'm pregnant and things only stand to get worse:biggrin: .

    I've just had a rather difficult telephonic conversation with the (very friendly) SA in Amsterdam Chanel.

    She speaks of "vintage" (by which i think she means classic) and "lambskin" (which is probably reissue?????? )

    They have both in stock. It was difficult to figure out what the sizes were,but she said that the biggest size they had in the "vintage" costs 1500 euros,and the biggest size in the "lambskin" 1350.

    Would these be the large classic flap and the....tiny reissue???:blink:

    I know that this is a confusing post,but then I'm confused....

    Any help will be highly appreciated!

    (I really want the jumbo classic flap or the large reissue:worried: )
  2. That does sound confusing! I'd confirm with the clerk, before doing anything, that she was talking about the 2.55 anniversary bag. The reissue definitely costs more than the 'classic'.

    Considering that the new reissues have already arrived (see Savannah's post), she may even have been talking about those!
  3. i think the best is go to the store and look for yourself..:idea: .....but i think the 1500 euros one is large..:unsure: ..they did have a few grey reissue there (medium sizes) and all the SA's there are superb friendly :P
  4. Thanks NL and melisande...

    yeah i am planning to go tomorrow,but not if they only have medium as I definitely want a large reissue or jumbo classic flap and I don't want to spend two hours with the NS for nothing...anyway I suppose I should just go and have a look! Though there is nothing else I want in Amsterdam...maybe I could visit the museumplein if there's no bag I want:amuse: .

    Anyway i specifically asked her about black bags and it sounded as if they had quite a collection,so it'll be fun to go and look :smile:. Maybe I even fall in love with a luxury bowler or something...NL did you see any of those there?
  5. love the jumbo flap!!!I just got one about a week ago. It's very flattering on-I'm surprised because I'm small. I think it would look great on anyone-it's just an awesome bag!!!
  6. NL did you see any of those there?[/quote]

    he..he... i always go to Ams with train too :P ,from the centrum then with tram no 5 to P C hoofstraat (just 3 minutes and stop at rijkmuseum) and walk to P C (2 minutes)
    for the timebeing they have many Luxury line collections bags there :love: also some from the classic range too and a few reissue (black and grey,i think is left over)
    ask for the "look-see book" !!! they have it there !!! many nice bags in it :love: , always ask them to bring out 2 or 3 same bags before buying,so that you can choose the one you like to have :smile:
  7. Quirky.....I think it's a wish decision to opt for the Chanel over the MJ. Chanel is just so classic and chic! Also, my personal all time favorite is the Re-Issue over the classic flap but I just LOVE the wonderful chain and yummy leather on the re-issue. So.....
    I'd call again and ask to speak to another SA if possible. You might want to ask for the "2.55 Re-Issue bag in distressed leather" or you can call it the "anniversary bag" for further clarification with the SA and the size you want, Large or Jumbo. The leather is a "distressed" lambskin. Also, the new re-issues that are coming out just about now do NOT have the embossed 2.55 - 2005 on the inside flap of the bag....that's the only difference that I can tell. That plus the new bags are supposed to be in some really delicious colors!

    Keep us posted! I'd love to know what you wind up getting!
  8. I meant to say, a WISE decision.....I'd better use spell check from now on...that or I'd better have my first cup of coffee before posting anything!
  9. i hope today QuirkyCool found the bag that she wanted :P
  10. Thank you ladies....and it became the large black reissue!!!!! I went actually wanting the classic flap,but I fell in love with the reissue and I won't look back. I'm so happy with this purchase!!

    the large reissue is a bit smaller than the jumbo classic flap.

    The price of the jumbo flap was 1350 euros and the large reissue 1500.

    I shall post pics when I have time!! (Probably in anotehr thread.)

    Thanks for the help...and for encouraging me to go!!

    (oh and it is still the old anniversary bag :smile:
  11. Oh! I'm SO HAPPY for you Quirky - I can't tell you how much I LOVE my grey re-issue anniversary bag. I am so happy with mine and I know I will own this bag for my lifetime....you wil be very, very happy with it. And can't you hold a lot of stuff in it? I think it's the distressed leather making it "give" a little more so you can really hold a lot inside.

    Congrats! Please post pics when you get a chance.....
  12. Wow..i am so happy for you QC !!!!!:nuts: Congretssssssssssssssssss :P
    i am sure you saw other nice bags too ?:smile:
  13. please post photo's!! I must see bag!! :smile: xxx