i feel a little regret...but I am $850 richer

  1. i sold my cerises speedy 25 yesterday for $850 and im now feeling a little regret...the reason why i did that was cuz i saw a better condition one at our local consignment store for around $600 so I went ahead and sold my bag before checking if that one was still available! turns out it wasnt! i know i got a pretty good price for my cerises speedy...considering its used and I only lost about 200 off retail....

    what would make me feel better? what should i do with this $850? is it worth it for me to buy a cerises speedy back or is it better that I let that one go so I can buy something new? I have been contemplating because the speedy is limited edition, super cute, but at the same time is is an older style bag...
  2. Oh no...so sorry to hear that the second bag was already gone! Give it some thought and you will know what to do. Personally I love Cerises...so cute!
  3. Hmm, this is a toughie. I've sold a pochette accesoires and immediately regretted it. So, I rebought it in a different pattern rather than the same one. I didn't regret selling the original bag because I loved the new, yet similar bag. My mom sold 2 speedies. At first, she felt bad because she loves the shape so much, but then she purchased a new, different one (epi or damier) and felt ok with the fact that she let the first one go.
  4. personally, I would buy it back...but I LOVE cerises!
  5. you sold it for a pretty low price IMO. I only see cerise speedy mostly on let-trade and they're usually between 900-1000. If you really love your cerise you should buy it back otherwise I would buy something totally different.
  6. I would buy the Cerises back...you said the only reason you sold it was because you saw a better deal. It sounds like you still really like the bag, so I'd personally re-buy it.
  7. 1) Are you sure the one at the consignment store was even authentic?

    2) I would have called before I sold mine or try to put something down on the one they had.

    3) If you really love it then buy it back.
  8. Awwww....just give it some time, to see if you still miss your cerises. If not, there are tons of other great bags to choose from.
  9. It stinks the other one already sold. I'm afraid now if you look for another one,you'll end up paying more than $850. =( Think about it for a little while, and see how much you miss it, ya know.
  10. I am thinking that if you sold the original Cerises Speedy in the first place, you really weren't that crazy about it....even if you did think you would find a better one........so perhaps you can hold onto your newly acquired $850 and wait until the new things arrive in the next few months.....believe me, I'm SURE you will find something to put that money towards!!!!!
  11. don't re-buy it. Maybe if you didn't do the whole transaction yet, then tell the buyer the item isn't available anymore. Maybe you get a negative feedback or so but the Speedy is so much more important.

    I sold my Fendi B because I saw one in Metallic at the outlet. Turn out someone else bought it and now I'm on my way hunting for another Fendi B.
  12. i sold my speedy to fashionphile on eBay...i thought i got a pretty good price for it..i mean it's tough to sell things on eBay and mine wasnt in the most perfect condition...it was in good condition but not mint...and personally i dont think i could have gotten more than retail for it or anything...i cant believe some people pay over 1200 for the bag! fashionphile told me they sell cerises speedy ranging from 800-1400
  13. ooops that's too bad ... I would just buy it back or wait to buy another one ... in better condition as you said.
  14. hold on to the money. something will come along. save it for that rainy day purchsse and then that 850 will feel like a million dollars of free money
  15. awww...so sad.. :sad: I just won a cerises bucket for 1000 bucks...it's fairly new and I had authenticated here before I offered my price...I'm so happy.. I'm going to collect cerises from now... how I wished I bought them when it first came out... back then I thought cerises are silly... hahaha... but now..I love it..so cutieeee

    i'm sure you'll find more cerises out there... I know..I've been looking too..but they're all waaaaay too expensive...damn... one was selling for almost 1700... and the other one was 1500 (with s&h of 50 bucks... located in UK that's why) ..anyways... good luck... :woohoo: