I faxed my order for sis for Magenta, now guess what?

  1. I had to fax from our buisness as I do not have a fax at home and of course DH had 5 million questions about what I was doing. Then he asks me for Daphne's # and fax # b/c he wants to get it for his Mom w/ SGH! What the heck? I told him that this is very limited and while I love her, she does not know what Balenciaga is. I told him to please save these for others who really want it. This is not how he usually behaves, he is really frugal. So then I started thinking, he saw my fall list last night. Maybe he is going to get on waitlists or something for me or something special b/c my B-day is in August and he knows that a lot of bags come in the store in August. Crossing my fingers. I swear to Heaven above I will die if my MIL gets one!

    So glad for my sis that I am getting her a city w/ rh. She will LOVE it!
  2. How funny lol... does Magenta seem like a color your MIL would even like??

    You're a great sister btw. Your sister is going to be so happy!!! :yahoo:
  3. :yes:
    Oh sweetie! I will keep my fingers crossed for you! This deffinitely would be too expensive to buy for a mother when you aren't even sure she has ever heard of Balenciaga. It has to be for you!!!!
    Btw, are you a fellow Leo? My b-day is August 10.
  4. yikes!
    I feel for you, Shasta - I don't think I'd want my MIL to carry the same bag as me!
  5. Wow, that's funny. I hope you are right in your guess that it is a gift for you. HOw old is your MIL? Mine is turning 80 next week. haha. Needless to say, we won't be getting her a B-bag as a gift.
  6. My MIL is 67 and yes Magenta is exactly the color that she would love. She is in poor health though, so if DH gets it for her, I seriously can't complain w/out going straight to HE**!
  7. You are a laugh riot - I totally love this. Save those bags for those of us who will really appreciate them. You are tooo cool. My MIL would never ever ever wear a bbag even if I gave her one. She is quite content with her jcpenneys zippery boxy purse wallet thing in a brownish leather-like material. (no offense to jcpenney's lovers intended - her purse was not one of their nicer wares.)
  8. Shasta, you are CRACKING ME UP!!!!!!:roflmfao: :lol: Are we twins?:p
  9. I think we are addicted enabling twins!
  10. This is too funny. Actually, if his mom is in poor health, he may be getting it for her (and also for you, possibly)? That would be really sweet of him to get it for his mom (a late Mother's Day gift)? My MIL is in her early 60s, but she would die before she'd wear a magenta city bag with giant silver hardware!!!! :lol:
  11. Shasta, your posts always makes me laugh. I'm sure your DH wants Daphne's phone# for you and hoping that he's just using his mom as an excuse so you don't suspect anything.;) Or, maybe he's thinking if you see him mom wearing one of your Bbag, it might actually get you off your addiction.:roflmfao:
  12. Aww, such a cool 67 y/o w/ magenta being her color LOL My Granny's older than that, but even at 67 she'd be like "what!? MAGENTA!?!" ... if she's sick, I think it'd be extremellllly sweet of him to get her one :heart:

    But hopefully he's getting one for you too:graucho:
  13. Shasta -- LOL! I'll bet it is for you, not your MIL....:supacool:
    Your sister is going to flip, how sweet of you!

    DEANA and SHASTA! I am also an August BDay and a Leo!!!! Anyone else? :yes:
  14. My B-day is August 26th. I am barely a Virgo. I think I read once that Leo's Virgo's and Scorpio's are supposed to have the most addictive personalities. Curious.

  15. I read/heard that same thing. Seems true enough from those that I know, I'd add Libra there as well. My two closest friends are Libras, one is a Libra/Scorpio cusp. They are total shoppers, like me, and are into nice quality things, very fashionable. My Grandmother, the Grande Dame, (QE2 of the Wild West, lol) is a late August Virgo like you!!!:heart: