I fancy a brighter bays, can you help me choose?

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  1. I saw a gorgeous bright pink bays in Edinburgh on Thursday, think it may be the same as KLP's new one. It was gorgeous and since I returned the purple cc bays last month I have realised that I would still like a colourful bays.

    I just don't know what colour. I seem to be drawn to purples and blue so I am not sure whether to go for one of these colours or move towards something different. I did have a red glove bays however as much as I love red it's not a colour I seem to wear very often.

    Can you look at my signature and suggest colours that may suit me or my collection?

  2. What about a Mabel Regular/Hobo in Butterscotch?

    Or a Straw A4, Bays or Shimmy ?

    Sort of sunny colours.
  3. Sorry just realised its just a Bays you were meaning.

    Glasgow had straw but it's probably long gone. The pale pink one is lovely too.
  4. thanks Corrie, I quite fancy a more vibrant colour. I was just looking on the Mulberry website and the rouge noir is stunning but a bit pricey. I love the lavendar ostrich but that's far too pricey, lol.
  5. Lavender Spazzalato?

    Yes Rouge/Noir is gorgeous. Dying to see it IRL.
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    how about a vinyl coated canvas in purple or orange
  7. ^^ Snowshoe I had the purple coated canvas and wasn't too fond of it. There is a purple patent on ebay which I quite like but I already have my purple miu miu shopper so think I should perhaps try a different colour.
  8. Sorry to go O/T but have you seen the lovely A4 Roxy totes near the door - they are in a pale lavender/pink colour :drool:
  9. Why not call around the outlets to see what they have? They may have something that makes you think WOW, that you hadnt already thought about :graucho:
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  11. Hiya, yes that is a good idea but I'm not sure I want to pay the outlet prices, was hoping for something a little cheaper.

    Are you not off to the outlets yourself this weekend or have I got the dates wrong?
  12. Hmm, I have the aqua mabel which is a bit greenish. Not sure I would wear green.

    Most of my stuff is blue and purples which is probably why I am attracted to those colours of bags.
  13. Decided not to do SM just now - as I just got carried away in the sales instead. Will go later in the year.

    As for Bicester .. we have a few hours to decide :lol:
  14. ^^ lol, do you think you will go? My OH is working this weekend so I can't make it. Shame, I could have done my credit card some serious damage!!!

  15. Are they still there? I thought of them as a "heathery" colour. Beautiful. But I am so biased towards A4 at the moment its not true.

    Can't get a proper look round Glasgow Mulberry at all this week. Atmospere as oppressive as the weather, :P